Has anyone heard of the Ominpod/  I just went to the Diabetes Expo in Boston and saw it.  Is it as great as it looks and sounds.  I think my son would do GREAT with this.

Yes, the OmniPod is really good. I have almost 2 years of experience with it. I love it!! There are some questions like is it really that good, I say YES! You will hear different from other thou... :( It lets me be more free with my life. No so tied down. Now dont get me wrong... just because im not tied down, does not mean i take less care of myself... I still do, its just easier to manage my T1D.. :)

thank you Cesar.


My son is excited about learning more, so I thought i would ask around here. 

I have had the ominpod since 3 days ago and I completely love it. I was first on the mininmed pumo than switched-- No tubing!!!

I love my omnipod.  I've been on it for 3 years.  I got it just before I got pregnant with my son.  What a lifesaver it's been!  I honestly don't know how I would've gotten through my pregnancy without it.  Not having any tubing has been wonderful.

And I love being able to take a shower and swim without having to detach anything.  It's really convenient.

I've been on the pod since December.  I've never tried another type of pump, but I think the pod is great! 


It definitely simplifies the process of managing diabetes. 


But, it is important to follow the procedures for activating and using a new pod to the letter.

Okay, so for you "Omniusers".


Compared to like a minimed paradigm infusion set, how big is the omnipod?

Like is it super obvious where it is placed or does it not stick out very far?

Also, I'm kind of confused... is it the same as the sets for minimed where you just change it every couple of days or is it like... surgically put in?

Savs - it's similar to the minimed where you change it after every few days but the pod holds the insulin and is controlled by a PDA/blood monitor.  Here's a link so you get a better idea.

Tim - I am on the MiniMed Paradigm however I tried the OmniPod a couple years ago and was not a fan.  I went back to the MiniMed before the 30 day trial period was up.  I had issues with the pods malfunctioning and they didn't have the software to go with it.  I like all the graphs and charts so I can see on paper where I need to make changes.    That being said... from what others say, it sounds like the issues I was having with the pods and the PDA don't happen anymore and there is new software OmniPod offers which will help the docs with your son's management.    You can always request the demo to check it out.  I'd ask the Pod users how the reliability is now.  They were just expanding to the west coast when I went on it and the manufacturing issues were because they were trying to expand so quickly.  Like I said thoug - it sounds like the Pods are working out really well for people here.

One other thing to think about is a CGM.  I saw that MiniMed released a new version of the pump that has the infusion set and CGM all in one.  It is available only in the UK right now.  Given the FDA ---I'd imagine it might be a couple years before it gets here.  I am not aware whether the Pod has something similar to that in production or not.  Perhaps one of the Pod users here might have some insight to that - for me that would be a huge bonus and I might consider switching at that point.   Be well.

I believe there is a CGM in development for use with the omnipod.  I can't find a link to the article I read about this unfortunately.


I haven't had many reliability problems with the pod, but things to go wrong sometimes.  Out of a 6 month supply of pods, I had 2 fail to activate, and an occlusion occurred with 1 after it had been in use for a day.  Otherwise, it has functioned perfectly. 


The software is much better now than it was even a couple of years ago.  And, they just released a new PDM, but I haven't bought it yet.

CGM with the omnipod would be great! All you would have to do is press a few buttons and ur taken care of!!