So i'm looking into the OmniPod. One of my friends has it and loves it. Any comments, tips or anything else i should know about it??

By the way i play select softball and volleyball (i dive, slide, and "get dirty" a lot) and that might play into my decison.

This might be too late but theOmniPod is awsome! I gives you total freedom! It can sometimes fail so you have to change it. It is reat. And it doesn't matter if you play sports.


I have it and i like it ok but truthfully i liked my medtronic pump better. Its good for sports but i dont like the whole wireless thing it makes me scared that if i may need it its not right there with me.

Hello Brooke,

My daughter is on the omnipod and we love it!She is 5 years old and very active! Shes been on it for 9 months. She did swimming lessons over the summer and it stayed on. It can be sumerged in water for about 30 minutes at a depth of 8 feet. It is a part of her now and we are happy with it. Good luck with your decision.