I am testing out several pumps before I make the big decision.  I have tried the t:slim with good results and I will be starting a trial with the Animas Ping tomorrow.  Then I will test the OmniPod.  I would appreciate any feedback, positive or negative, about those pumps.  I am especially interested in the OmniPod since it doesn't have the tubing, which I do find to be a pain.  I do use a Dexcom cgm and am concerned that I will be having too many gizmos in my pockets.  Thanks for any feedback!

Get a free sample of OmniPod from their website.  I thought it was too bulky, but everyone has different preferences.  

I found that Medtronics pumps are the best way to go. They are the most popular, i believe, and they are on the verge of the newest and innovative pump techonology out there. Be careful of the wireless pumps because of the fact you may misplace or forget them.