OmniPod ?!

Hey guys, I haven't even had diabetes for a year yet and I'm terribly sick of the shots. It's SO annoying and I always get so mad when I'm sitting in front of my food ready to eat but then I remember I need to go give myself a shot ! Blah.

Anyways, I'm thinking about trying out the OmniPod.. Do any of you have it? And if you do, any suggestions ?

I get mine next Friday!  I have a minimed now, so I'll let you know how I like the change!

All I can say is it gets better. I'm 6 years in now, and people ask me what it's like - the honest answer if my life would feel weird if I didnt have a pump hanging onto me. As for the Omni, sorry, I have a Minimed (and love it). Just make sure you really do the research and determine which one is right for you. It's just too damned expensive to switch! haha

this is the site I used to compare them all:

Good Luck!!!

My son has been on the OmniPod for a month now...  We love many aspects but dislike several... He is a 14 year old boy who is very active and plays basketbal at school.  He has not tried wearing in on his leg or buttocks yet...  The upper side (opposite the canula) pulls away from the backing and he has to tape it or wear a compression band to keep it held on.  I'm hanging in to see if the new pods will hold better.  I've only had one fail so far and OmniPod's customer service is fantastic...

Best of luck,

Yeah - definitely research the pumps, I think that the different pumps suit different people and their activities/ lifestyles.  So the best thing to do is to think about your favorite activities and one's that you may want to try (kind of hard) and how each pump would be in those situations.  No pump is going to be perfect, so customer service is a number one priority.   When you narrow it down, talk to the representatives and specify what you like to do and how will their pumps fit your needs.  For me when I first started on the pump ten years ago minimed's customer service is what won me over, and it has been great.  Now, at this point in my life, I think a different pump will suit me better.  It is all about personal preference! 


I just researched a bunch about it with my grandma. I ordered the 'Demo Pod' so i can see how it will stick to my body and how it will fit under my clothes. If that goes well I think I might consider getting it. Ive been having really high numbers lately because I don't care to give myself a shot for everything I eat. Of course I do for meals, but snacks that I should give myself insulin for, I don't, and I think having a pump will help me be a better, and more healthier diabetic..

I checked out the other pumps but I deffinetly don't want anything with tubing- thats why my main interest is the OmniPod.

I'm not sure if it was just me, but I hated the OmniPod. I ordered the demopod also, and it stuck to me for about an hour, then fell off and didn't stick back on. I ttried it three times, and nothing....



I started on the OmniPod a little over 3 weeks ago and I am loving it so far. I haven't had any problems with the adhesive sticking to me. Even when I take showers, its totally fine. It definitely makes eating so much easier. You just press a couple of buttons and it tells you exactly what you need. and i LOVE that there is no tubing. So much freedom. I'm sure you'll love it!!

Hey, I have had the omnipod for about a year now and love it! I tried shots for a week and couldn't take it anymore, and i def know the feeling right before u want to eat! I have little to no problems with the omnipod. Sometimes in the summer when you sweat its hard for the pod to stay on, but this only happened a few times. The pod is great bc there are no tubes, its all wireless, and controlled by a remote. Also no one really even knows you have it on. Doesn't hurt at all either. Please feel free to message me with any questions! good luck :)

I have worn an OmniPod pump for over a year now and really like it.  I had the same problem with the Demo Pod not sticking and was concerned, but the real ones stick way better.  I love the fact that I am not tied to something that I have to have hooked to my belt all the time.  I have had some minor problems with the Pods...occlusions, etc., but I would assume that this happens with all pumps at times.  Let me know how you like it or if you have any questions!


I evaluated both the OmniPod and the Medtronic Paradigm. The latter is what I chose. Here was my motivation

1. Great customer support
2. Built-in glucosimeter (so you don't have to carry two things in your purse or on your person)
3. No tubing
4. Nice features on the pump
1. Felt like I had a beeper attached to my body. Got in the way especially at the gym.
2. I'm a bigger girl, and I could really see it through my clothes, might not be as obvious if you are smaller and wear looser clothes.
3. A bit harder to load.
4. Not sure how it would stay attached esp. in summertime when I sweat a lot.
5. Felt it a lot when I slept

1. You don't feel the infusion set AT ALL. Its almost completely painless to insert.
2. Easy to load, check your values, small handheld device
3. Less expensive (just a smidge)
4. Pump is customizable - jacket and color
5. Smaller profile - you cant see the infusion set at all, even through the tightest clothing - if you place it right
1. Tubing.
2. Need two pieces of equipment - glucosimeter and pump
3.  Pump has an "old school" LCD display - not as snazzy as the omnipod

My $0.02.

/ Michelle

Thank you very much. This is why I love this site !  I've been talking with family and friends about this, but of course none of them are diabetic, so all of your inputs deffinetly make me feel better about making my decision =]

I go to the doctors Friday so I'm gonna tell them I want it - how exciting !