Omnipods on Planes!

I know with insulin pumps you are supposed to turn off radio frequencies on planes, so you can (for instance, with Animas) bolus from the pump itself, but not from the meter-remote.


So what do you do with omnipod, where you can't bolus from the pump?

Ajax -  I fly at least once a month and I have a minimed pump.  I have bolused numerous times through the pump and with the remote.  It's a non issue really.  Even when I tried the OmniPod for the 30day trial, I flew and used the PDM with no problem.  I have used the remote many times and have never been told to turn it off - not to mention, with mine, you can't turn it off.  It will not interfere with any sort of plane communication or anything - signal is way too weak for that so don't even worry about it. :)

Be well.