On-Line Support

Hey, folks!

I have recently "fallen in" with a veritable gaggle of parents (mostly moms) who blog about caring for their T1 kids.  I can't begin to express the comfort it has brought me, being able to read about other parents' experiences living every day with diabetes in their family, and to connect with these moms via E-Mail.  Right now, many of them are participating in the "Diabetes Blog Week" event spearheaded by Bitter-Sweet, so there's LOTS of activity on the Blog-O-Sphere right now about T1.  Bitter-Sweet's got about 35 (at last count) D-bloggers posting all week.  But, if you are more interested in following parents' takes on the "blog of the day", check out The Huston Five or Our Diabetic Life (guaranteed to make you laugh), and start perusing all of the blog links in the columns.  Oh, and even though I'm not "formally" participating in Diabetes Blog Week, I'll be blogging all week about T1 because it's William's 1st anniversay this week.  You can find us at Five Bears A-Blogging.

Hoping you find all of the love, understanding and support you deserve,