On that day

I may get down sometimes,but I want to say I have HOPE, I am not a pie in the sky type of person but with all my heart I do believe a cure will come. On that day after all the joy, I told my daughter we will gather up all this d stuff and burn it. What will you do on that day?

I get down about it too sometimes.  I've heard 5-7 years until a cure for 30 years now.  Today's technology gives me more hope than I had 10 years ago though.  When I saw your question, I don't know what I'd do.  I kinda got quiet here just thinking about it.  It may sound stupid but I think I'd put my stuff in a box, have a vodka on the rocks with a couple olives and sit there in silence for a while (smile on the face of course).   After that who knows, maybe a couple days of not watching what I eat but after that, I'll still want to be healthy, been 'sick' long enough, I wouldn't want to jeopardise my health.  I guess I just don't know any different.  :)

If one day the cure comes the first thing I would do is read the research on it and see what the success rate is and how the tests were performed and things like that. Next I would probably sign up to get the cure before I burn stuff. Than after getting the cure, I would probably go to Hershey, PA. on a four day vacation. What happens those four days who knows, 'cause what happens in Hershey... stays in Hershey.


Well, I'd say Smile Jump up and down and Scream like a little kid!

Like an X-diabetic J

To be honest I haven't thought about that in a long time.  I'm not a pessemistic person.  I consider myself more of an optimist.  But I don't think I'll see that day in my lifetime. Like Doug D said I've heard a cure is coming for a long long time.  I don't really hear of anything making me think it's near from what I've read.  I think the closest thing may be a pump that can get your blood sugar and regulate it with insulin.  An aritificial pancreas of sorts.  But I see that as being quite a ways off too.  I'm having a hard time thinking of any chronic condition that medical science has found a "cure" for.  We have vaccines for polio and other stuff, but not really a "cure".  Kidney disease has dialysis, but it's not a "cure".  A bad heart, you can get a pacemaker, or stints, but no "cure".  Bipolar has lithium to "control" it, but no "cure".  I just see more and more devices that require a steady stream of supplies in my future.

I hope I'm wrong.  If so, I'll probably smile and start drinking a lot of beer again!

Well I to haven't really given it much thought, but I would have to say that when I heard about the testing at the University of Alberta and the results they were getting from their trials I was pretty hopefully. But I also know from my education that it can take 15-20yrs before new drugs/treatments are approved through gov'ts. But if there is every a cure then I would jump up and down then I would have to agree with Brain and I would want to look at and review all documation with regards to their testing, results and any long term complications that may occur. And then if this "cure" lives up to what is supposed to do then I would get in line with all the rest of us and have to decide what I would like to do, probably live my life very similar to how i'm living it now just without all of the testing and watching what I eat so much.

I know I'm kind of boring, but I would defentily have a couple of drinks(coolers) and a B.B.Q and not feel so guilty about it, but at some point I would have to sit down and eat as much choclate as possible to make up for all those yrs that people eat it in front of me and said they were sorry that I couldn't have any.