On the pump better for pregnancy?

I have recently got on the pump because my doctor said it would be better for when i try to have a baby. i wanted to know if anyone has had a really good pregnancy while they were on the pen?

Hi, Erin.

Though I have not been pregnant yet (we are trying), my doctor recommended for me to go on the pump for pregnancy too. After a lengthy discussion with him he told me that it is a general consensus with endo's that it is easier to control you insulin needs through the pregnancy.

Since I have great control now only using humalog and lantus pens I have decided to stay with them. This will just mean more frequent shots (my doc believes that my standard +/- 6 shots a day might double due to hormone fluctuation and changing insulin needs) and of course more bs testing.

I wish you the best of luck with your pregnancy!

- Diana

I was on the pump throughout my pregnancy and it was great. I kept my A1c at 6.0 and I only gained 25 lbs.

It was easy to adjust and I just love it!!!  I was so over taking the shots too.