On the road again/Endo APPT!

Hello Juvenation Friends!  

I am getting back on the road again today for the rest of my tour...  I have my Endo appt tomorrow!  First Appt in almost a year!  I am nervous.  I think I ruined my A1c with my last tour!   We shall see.  Hopefully it will at least be better than my last one.   She wants it at 6 or below though.  I know I am not going to have that!

In other news... 5 more shows left on the tour!

Oct 30th Sarasota, FL

Oct 31st Longboat Key, FL

Nov 4th, Orlando, FL

Nov 7th, New Orleans, LA

Nov 13th (My Birthday) Los Angeles, CA  - I am really looking forward to meeting some of you!


If I am not on Juvenation before this weekend, Everyone have a Happy and Safe Halloween!!!!  Don't forget to bolus and cover for your candy!!!



Good luck on the completion of your tour. I am sure that you did not cause much harm to your a1c on tour. I am sure you did an honest effort in trying to get things under control. I find it hard to believe that your doctor wants an a1c below 6 though. As long as you can keep showing an effort to get the a1c down, I think that is key.

Good luck with your appointment!  Just traveling in general makes control harder but I agree with Brian - I've heard from my doctors that anything below a 6 is potentially dangerous (because of possibility of excessive lows).  Enjoy your tour!!

Thanks everyone!  Well I had my appointment yesterday!  It went well, my doctor thought that I looked healthy, so that is always good... We will have to see what the labs say when they get back.    Also, my doctor gave me some Levemir samples... I have never taken it.  Anyone out there on Levemir?  How is it similar or different from Lantus???? Please compare and contrast, I am interested...

Hi Kate,

I am on levemir and have been since Dec. 2008. It works well for me now. The first weeks were very rough though. I take it at bed time and was waking up with extreme lows (30's and 40's) daily. My endo has changed my dose several times and things got better with each change. It was like trial and error for me personally, it may or may not be different for you. I also take 3 shots of humalog daily. I would say just carefully monitor you bg levels and keep in touch with your endo as needed for adjustments. Over all I am happy with the results. I went from a 9.6 A1C to an 8.2 in 3 months, which I was happy with that.

Ok, so you would say that you were more sensitive to the Levemir than Lantus?  When it comes to my regimen, my doctor really leaves me to my own devices and gives me freedom to figure a lot out on my own, I will probably be figuring out these adjustments on my own and with the help of my Juvenation friends...  She told me that it is pretty much the same as Lantus, but honestly without having the experience of using it herself, I don't know how she would really know  the details...

In general do you take less Levemir than you took Lantus?  I still have some Lantus left, but I am thinking that when I start the Levemir, I might start with a smaller dose.   Dosing is trial and error for me, as in I decide, mostly without input from my Endo.  I decided a while back to start split dosing my Lantus and that seems to work a little better for me.   I currently take 10-12 Units of Lantus @ 10:30pm and 6-8U at 10:30am.  I take Novolog or Humalog, whichever I have samples of,  for carbs and correcting.   So, the Levemir?  Have you ever heard of someone split dosing that?  I might start with 8U @ pm and 4U@ am????

Sorry I didn't mention before I took humilin N then I tried humalog 70/30 then I was put on Levemir. I have never taken Lantus but from what I understand they are very similar. I looked for the sheet I had from my endo that showed Levemir doses verse Lantus doses and didn't find it. I think she wrote that lantus doses are higher than Levemir by a few units 2 or 3. I think the units of 8 and 4 would be a good place to start with careful watch as far as bg's. I know there are a few people that do the split doses but I mentioned it to my endo she didn't go for it. She adjusted my levels and it has worked pretty well. I started with 18 units at first and currently I only take 11 units. I am going to see my on Nov. 4 and I think I just have to continue to adjust my humalog.