One Day of Freedom

I took MDI’s for 47 years and have been pumping for 2 years. My control is much better and I appreciate the ability to infuse insulin by 10ths of a unit, wherever and whenever possible and knowing my BG’s by simply hitting a button. But truthfully, I miss the freedom I’ve lost by being connected to my pump and CGM 24/7/365. I still have Levemir pens which have not expired. So today, I go pump free. I injected Levemir this morning and will be checking BG’s more than usual. This will allow me to relax and enjoy a day at our local Wave Pool. I miss the water. Tonight, it’s back to the pump. Forgive me. I just needed to share this. Now I’m on to the sun and fun. :slight_smile:


I know completely how you feel! We all need a pumpcation now and again! Glad you are getting yours today! Let us know how it goes!

Thanks Gina. It went better than expected. I woke up at 95. Took 16 units of levemir. Ate breakfast, Did a Bg before I left and it was 210. Probably needed a few more units. When I got home, put in a new sensor. Infused 2 units from the pump. Now I’m 117. It was nice to not obsessively look at my CGM all day and to not have a single low. Relaxing day. Now back to life with T1D. :slight_smile: