One from the camp record books

One from the camp days…

I have to preface this with, I was a teenager and there was NEVER enough food for us.  I mean, we were being fed adequately but we were just hungry all the time so we would do all sorts of things (kitchen raids, etc.) to try to get at more food.  While at the camp, we used to have to go to the infirmary for our shots.  They would line everyone’s syringes out with an alcohol swab and back in the day- mornings were always with NPH (this is important) – but the night time shots were often just regular.  The reason this is important?  Regular insulin was clear.  So, I’d go back, give the shot, fold the alcohol swab into quarters, squeeze it at the end of the syringe needle and draw up a 10-20 units of alcohol.  I’d then go back out to the common area and say (defiantly) – I’m not taking this! And squirt out the alcohol – they would FREAK – sit me down, have a chat with me and (yes, you guessed it) give me another syringe to inject… J  It may not have been the safest way to secure some extra snacks – but it was effective…

What?!?!!? i CAN be trusted :P



Anyone else throw their syringes as darts???

haha... Oh my goodness story of my LIFE!! we always sneak food into camp or away from the kitchen. We would actually have our parents send it to us in care packages and we even stole juice boxes from the infirmary... haha, a couple years ago we tool all the smores supplies (4 bags of marshmallows, couple boxes of graham crackers, and not to mention the chocolate ha) and ate every last bit of it... I think it is the funniest thing that when lots of diabetics get together their first instinct is to eat hahaha...

and yes, i tried that once in one of my less sobre moments... it did not turn out so well haha

Oh my gosh. That is hilarious. I never would have thought of that.

hahahah well, sort of. my friend and i were at our other friend's house (both of them diabetic) helping her clean up from her birthday party the night before. i was in charge of popping the balloons but all my previous methods had been pretty ineffective. so i tried shooting them with my syringes and that sort of worked. but i found the easiest way to pop multiple balloons in a short amount of time is to use the lancet in its poking device or whatever you want to call it. haha cause if you keep the lid on, you only have to press the button once and you never miss!


and i think my best story of diabetes equipment use for things that they are not meant for has to do with the one time use pokers they have at camp. they are in little boxes and you push in the tab and then twist it off and then test and throw it away. well, i discovered that if you don't throw away the tab and set it in the hole on top of the actual lancet and press the button, it's a very fun way to confuse people. hahah because they have no idea what hit them when the little tab goes flying. i guess it's a little diabetes launcher ahha

^^We'd use the pokers as launchers at my camp too,haha