One I've shared before

Since I am one of the old timers here - I figure there is no harm in my repeating stories the way my grandfather used to do it - and each time like it's BRAND NEW!  ;)

My wife and I had been married for just about a year.  We had been trying to get together with my wife's friends and her boyfriend for almost the whole time we were married and we finally got the scheduling together.  My work hours had been a little nutty and my sugars were bouncy t' match.  I'd probably have tried to cancel but- it had been so tough to get us all out in the first place...

So there we were, two couples at a very nice restaurant seated right in the center of the establishment.  It was a beautiful night, the ladies looked fabulous and everyone was in a good mood.  I could tell I was slowing down but I figured they'd be serving bread soon and I'd be okay.  My wife asked me to test.  I told her I thought I'd be okay for a few minutes.  I was getting quiet and she finally insisted that I test.  Well, I was low (36 as I'd find out shortly) - but first... I had to open my medicool case - and... yes - my syringes flew everywhere.  I had just filled it so there were 12-16 syringes that went flying out across the floor.  If you ever need to see what your wait staff will look like when they feel they can't say a word, this is apparently the way to do it.  They came rushing over when they saw I'd dropped something... oddly, nobody wanted to help pick anything up (well - nobody except of course, my wife), LOL

My wife's friend's date is a nurse and he got quite a kick out of the entire event...

All in all it was a good night...



Anyone else ever have a supplies "ooops?"

That's hilarious! I just joined the Funny Stories group because, until I read your post, I didn't think I had any funny stories to share myself as I'm usually not that funny of a person. But your 'supplies oops' reminded me of one of my one:
My gym class was once running around the gym, a weekly run, for 12 minutes. We were inside since it had been raining, but as we began, I started to feel shaky just a few laps in. Intent to continue running (I love running), I tried to test while I was running. I bet you can guess how well (hah!) that turned out!
As I turned a corner and was trying to get a test strip out of the bottle, I nearly dropped the entire testing kit. I keep used test strips and a napkin in the zipper pouch on the side (in case my finger over-bleeds) during the day, and then throw them out when I get home. But that was unzipped, apparently, so when I caught the pouch a ton of the used test strips and bloody napkin dumped out. I was really emberassed, but found it more funny than humiliating; can you imagine what the other kids running by thought, seeing a bloody napkin on the ground? Pre-diabetes, I was awful with blood. Not my own, just the idea of other peoples' - I didn't like it. I know that would have freaked me out!
So each time I ran by I'd stoop down and pick up a test strip (but the napkin, of course, I got first). Eventually I got it fixed, but the friend I was running with was trying to stifle laughter as I kept having to play a bit of catch-up when I'd stop to pick one up.

LOL. I can picture that in my mind =D

Last year in my English class me and my mock trial team went into the hallway to "work".

I dont remeber how the disscusion about shots came up but a girl mentioned she was deathly afraid of needles.

This was my opportunity to spice things up. I reach into my bag and pull out a beautiful new syringe. "oh you mean like this?"

She screamed the loudest scream i have ever heard. Well i got a kick out of it.. especially when she asked me if i was on heroin.

Ah...good times :D




Being afraid of needles myself, I can sympathize with both sides of that one... To disable my syringes I used to hold the needle by the sides and rock it back and forth until it broke off and then insert it into the plunger which I would then force back down into the syringe so that I rendered the plunger and the needle useless.  


That said, from any distance you can’t see that thin needle anyhow so my “disabled” syringes looked like a live one from over 8 feet away.  I bring this up because your story reminds me of a time (many years ago) when I was visiting a friend of mine.  I had just finished giving a shot when he walked into the far end of his dorm room and asked what I was doing with the syringe (he obviously thought the needle was still on it) so I shrugged and proceeded to stick what would normally be the pointy end straight into the center of my forehead.  The look on his face? Priceless!  It may not have been the first time I had heard him use some of those words, but it was one of the funniest...





Hahaha! That's a good one.

ow wow some of these  stories are hilarious.

well i got one for yall.

i just meet this girl sami. we hung out all day and she then invited me and a few friends too dinner. well i did my bloodsugar and insulin in a diiferent room then everyone just because i didnt want anybody to like freak out when they saw the blood. im on the omnipod but i kept a bottle for insulin and an extra suringe in my case just in case of emergeny. well after dinner i went home. the next morning i woke up to the phone ringing. it was samis mom. she had found a syringe in her kitchen and freaked out. since nobody knew i had diabetes she thought it was like a shot for heroine or X. my mom then told her that it was my syringe and that i was a diabetic(:man i bet her heart rate went down like that. i guess she had to find out about my diabetes sooner or later(:

i do believe my three favorite stories all have to do with my pump.

the first one: so in 6th grade there was this really annoying kid who sat at my table. well, he asked about my pump all the time and i dididn't feel like answering him because quite frankly, i didn't like him. well, anyway, after about 3 weeks of bugging me i finally gave in and showed it to him. since it's a medtronic pump, it says minimed on the home screen, right? well, i told him it was my mini music entertainment device, which stood for minimed. then i told him you could only get it in florida at rite aid (yeah, i was definitely milking it for all it was worth at this point) and, coincidentally, he moved to florida a few weeks later.

the second: this was also in 6th grade, but after the first story. so by this time i had fully embraced my "mini music entertainment device" and i said it was that to everyone who asked me stupid questions or bothered me. so we are on the bus ride back from a field trip and this kid in front of me turns around and says, "you know, if that is really your mini music entertainment device, why haven't i heeard it play any music?" so immediately my friend and i go into the alerts and tones menu and start scrolling through all the beeps to attempt to make it sound like music. the kid goes, "that's just beeping. i don't believe that's really what that thing is." but somehow, my friend and i managed to convince him that those beeps were all the rage in europe and only a few fortunate people in america had been exposed to it, my friend and i being two. haha i can convince even skeptics.

but the third and arguably my favorite: by 8th grade, all of my friends started telling people about my mini music entertainment device. well, this one girl who, i must say, was not the brightest crayon in the box, asks the typical, "is that an mp3 player?" well my friend says, "yeah, except it's even cooler! see how it's attached to her?" and i showed the girl my site and she nods. and my friend goes, "well, she listens to music in class cause it goes through the wire!" well by now i had chimed in and said, "yeah, and then the music goes straight through the wire into my brain. so i can listen to music in class and i never get in trouble." and the girl goes, "REALLY? THAT IS SO COOL! so wait, you are listening to music right now?" and of course i started dancing around and singing to some random song. then my friend "listened" and he played along. and then the girl was totally amazed and asked where she could get one, but i told her it was super risky and experimental and expensive. she was disappointed, to say the least. ahahah


I think my all time best story happened in the mall parking lot. I was 14 and my mother took me and two of my friends to the mall one Saturday afternoon. We were going to eat at the food court so I decided to do my sugar testing and shot thing before we left the car. So I did my finger stick, calculated the numbers and started drawing up my insulin. It was summer so I gave myself the shot in my leg. Simultaneously my friend Erika passed out. I'm talking flat hit the ground right in front of me...the car door broke her fall a bit. When she was revived she made me promise not to EVER do that in front of her again.

I'll never forget her going....."Does that hur.........." bam out cold.

i love sami!! she is such a dork!!=)