One more evil of insurance

I'm a resourecful person. I really am. When I get my sites set one something I tend to get it. However when I set my sites on a lower hA1c and a better weight and my insurance company blocks that... I don't know what to do. My doctor set me up to see a dietitian so I can get meal planning and carb counting and how to use a scale training... and it IS NOT covered by my SUPER expensive insurance company I just want to barf cats. my insurance say I can do that over the phone with THEM.... I have been using their over the phone crud for years and my hA1C still sucks. My sugars are still everywhere. I'm gungho about training-- but NO I need to pay 150 out of pocket per hour. >< so not happening.

*Cries*, why is this so frustrating!!!

sorry to hear you're having such a frustrating time. most insurance companies don't cover meetings with RDs unless it's a new diagnosis. so far, the state of MN is the only one i know of that counts RDs as practitioners so they can be covered by insurance companies. we're working on implementing that in all states, but it's a slow process. it's frustrating from the RD side too because there are a lot of patients out there that need our help, but we can't see them because of insurance policies.

i know the internet can be just as annoying as over-the-phone RD help, but please let me know if you have questions or something i might be able to help you with. i will be a RD in 3 weeks (ok, RD-eligible which just means i have to pass the exam to be official). i am more than willing to help you wherever i can :o)

What if you ask your endo to write a letter to your insurance saying it's medically necessary???  This has worked for me's worth a try!  Hope you get what you need! 

[quote user="stilledlife"]

I just want to barf cats. 


This is possibly the funniest thing I've heard all day.

But on a more serious note...  that is totally frustrating!  I'm sorry you have to go through this - as if we T1's don't have enough to worry about, right?  Having your doctor write a letter suggesting the medical necessity of it sure sounds like a good idea to me.  Give it a go and see what happens.  I wish you the best!