One More Reason I Want the Phillies to Beat the Yankees

We ran an article today on Diabetes News Hound about Phillies rookie Pitcher JA Happ donating $20k to diabetes research. You have to give the guy credit for helping out a good cause. Check out the article here: Phillies Pitcher Happ Donates $20k to Diabetes Research

Go Phils! 


If there was a "like" button on Juvenation, I would definitely have clicked it!  The Phillies are so much better anyway, but I am still a Red Sox fan. 

I am with you Katie!!  I LOVE the Red Sox.  But in light of this....GO PHILLIES!!!

I'm with Kathie and Katie on this one -- go Phils!  Go Happ!

It's all about the Cubs, baby!  Chicago!!! 

haha. i'm a cubs fan, too. but if he wants to donate, i'm all about cheering for him (this time).

hehe...this time...hehe