One thing you wish people could know about diabetes?

If there was one thing you could let people know about diabetes what would it be? (Yes, you can write more than 1 thing!)


YES, you can be a mom!


Not just be a mom, but be a healthy, complication-free mom who has a completely healthy non-diabetic child. =)

Diabetes is a mental and emotional challenge as much as it's a physical challenge.

I still have nerve endings and can feel pain and discomfort, even though I've done thousands of injections and finger pokes in my life.  


You're right!

I've had it so long that I make it look pretty easy, but it's a lot more effort and worry than most people (including even my husband) really realize.

Nevertheless, I can do anything I want and eat anything I want!

I can eat whatever I want as long as I bolus with my Pump for it.

It is very hard.

If you challenge me I will set my poker on the highest it goes and poke you with it.

I do NOT use it to excuse myself from daily things