One Touch Ping Cost?

I'll be pumping by  late June, after I go to camp! I decided to go with Ping.

I was wondering if anyone would share what they paid out of pocket for their Ping pump??


My child's will be arriving this Friday. We have insurance with a sizable deductible, but was told by Animas to check wtih our homeowner's insurance to cover it, "since it costs about $6500." Good luck to you!

thanks! hope your child like's it!

My insurance through work paid about $6,000 of the cost. Animas was awesome and lowered my out-of-pocket cost to only $100 because I couldn't afford the full price! I would talk to the rep who will help you deal with insurance about how much out-of-pocket you should expect to pay, and if it's too much, express that and maybe they will help you too!

I'm in Canada though, so it might be different if you're in the States.

I'm looking at switching to that one now. They said base price is $6345, but different insurance companies have different contracted rates. The contracted rate through Aetna is $4100. Then, it just depends on your copay and deductible requirements. She did say that they work with you and have financial assistance if you meet certain requirements based on your AGI and your number of dependents.