One Touch Ping?

Does anyone use the One Touch Ping Insulin Pump? I am trying to confirm what the proper dose is for the "fill cannula". Please help!!! I was told .70 but someone told me the other day it is suppose to be .20???? Any help would be appreciated

I'm not using the Ping but the cannula prime is different for different sets.  A set with a 9mm cannula needs more than one with a 6mm cannula.  Check the literature that came with your set or call Animas' help line to ask.

Hi,  We're in our first few weeks of using the one touch ping.  We use .70 to fill cannula.  I don't know what that is based on.  Our son is 5.    Hope this helps!!  Good luck,  we LOVE the one touch ping!!

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i'm on the ping, honestly i think it is about .7  and .2 is WAAAAY to low since .3 is used to prime that last needle that attatches to the patch. if you are unsure you can just hold down until you see a insulin bubble for at that small needle tip. yes that does waste a little bit of insulin but it's better than an air bubble

My daughter uses the Ping.  Below are the fill amounts (by infusion set type) that we were given during training-

Comfort (17mm) use .7
Comfort Short (13mm) use .7
Inset 30 (13mm) use .7
Inset (6mm) use .3
Inset (9mm) use .5 (this is the one that is usually sent with the ping)

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i use the ping and the measurement that i was told is .70

It depends on the infusion set you use no the pump.  My daughter uses the Inset shorts (the cannula is only 6mm) - so she just fills .3


EvaBrenna has it right on!  You need to fill the cannula after you've inserted the infusion set so that when your basal dose is delivered, it doesn't just sit in the cannula, waiting to be pushed out by the next basal.  There is an insert/instructions in every package of infusion set that tells you how much to deliver to fill the cannula, depending on its length.  If you can't find the info you're looking for, call the manufacturer (Minimed, Animas, etc) and they'll be able to tell you right away.

On a similar note, I have noticed that my BS spikes for a few hours following a site change.  I happened to mention this to a couple of friends last night - mothers of T1 diabetic children - and they suggested to me that I increase the "fill cannula" amount.  In my case, using the Comfort Short 9 mm cannula, I presently fill with 0.7 units.  They suggested I try 0.8 u.

Has anyone ever come across a situation like this?