One week..... I am soo pumped!

haha in one week (from tomorrow at 9 AM) I will be at my doctors appointment for my insulin pump... and I am so pumped (no pun intended). =P
I have a feeling this week is going to go so slow.
I'm still nervous though

What should I expect for the first day? I don't want to freak over the littlest of things. Will I get any sleep that night!? I'm afraid I'm going to be so worried about the pump when sleeping, especially because I sleep in a loft.

the first night is will have to find a comfortable place to put it...i usually sleep on my side so i put my pump in the small of my back....don't worry about hitting buttons or hurting the pump in any way it will be fine.  The wire of the pump was also a worry for me but i tucked it into my pjs and it was my pump seems to be like another part of me anyway the first night will be weird but try not to worry about it too much and you will get some good sleep :)

The first day is the weirdest.  I remember the first infusion set I put in when I was 13 with my pump trainer was horrifying because I instantly hated the idea of not being able to take it out just like I was used to with all the injections prior to this.  Nothing ever prepares you for the sensation of having a tube that's penetrating your body at all times that's connected to a device...and that first minute or so will make you want to send the pump back so bad.

But that fear will go away quick.  You'll realize the benefits FAST.  You'll be anxious to splurge and binge eat.  You'll be paranoid during your sleep the first night or two, but only time and experience will show you that the infusion sets and super adhesives are really durable under weird twists and turns.  Once you figure out where you like to leave your pump during sleep you'll never think about it again during sleep.  Don't worry about being delicate with it...these things are built to take hard knocks and drops.

A month later you'll feel stupid about worrying at all.  I promise.

I can't remember if you said that you already have your pump or not...  If you do, you could do what I did:  wear your pump to bed a few nights this week, even without the tubing, just to get used to the idea of having it while you sleep.

My first day with the pump, two months ago(!), I treated it like a new mother treats her newborn baby; I acted like it was the most fragile thing I had ever touched!  Since then, I have become the more experienced "mother" and my Chello (my pump's name) gets tossed around like a football!  Well, not that bad, but I think you'll understand what I mean!

If you're like me, your doctor will probably start you on a basal rate that will have your BGs running a little high as opposed to low.  Then you can make necessary adjustments afterwards.  If you're running low and not necessarily thinking that straight, it's harder to make adjustments.

Finally, be ready to do A LOT of BG tests in the first few days!  Quite honestly, because it is so much easier to do correction boluses with the pump, I have pretty much developed an addiction to doing BGs!

Best of luck, Melissa!

well I think it's good you'll get hooked up in the AM - that'll make sleeeping with it easier because you'll be a little more used to it by night =)      Yea the first 10 minutes I was a little afraid to move.  I didn't want the infusion set to poke me agian and it did feel a lil wierd.

I don't know if you are starting with saline.... but when I started the very best thing was eting breakfast the first morning.  I can't tell you how strange it felt to to a bs test, push a button and eat.  It was the first time in 29 years I didn't reach for a needle.

you'll be fine - relax, breathe, move   =)  good luck

Thanks Joe!  I had already forgotten about that part... reaching for my pen then realizing "Wow!  I don't need to do that part anymore!"  What a great feeling!  Also, the first night that I fell asleep on the couch ("sofa"?) and woke up in a panic at 2 a.m. thinking I had to go upstairs to my bedroom to get my night time insulin...  Nope!  Back to sleep on the couch!  What a luxury!

While sleeping with the pump is odd it is not something to worry about to much. I know when I started I was worried about Pump loss, since I tend to misplace my iPod across my room during the night (thank God I invested in a durable case). If you clip the pump somewhere safe it will be fine. I sleep in my back normally so I have the pump attached to my shorts in the front, or if I sleep on my side for the night I just rotate the pump slightly. You won't lose it, and don't be concerned with pulling out the infusion set. That should not happen. I am not saying it does not happen, but I have never lost one in my sleep. It took me about three weeks to be fully used to my pump, but that was partially due I think to the fact i was not comfortable with my infusion set, once I went to longer tubing and the silhouette infusion set I was happier.

The "biggest" issue I ran into with my pump was day one, but it was good training in the end. I started on the quikset infusion set. My trainer felt it would be good to train without using the quikserter. When it came time to insert the infusion set I paused, which caused the needle to bend upon entry so I never actualy got the canula fully in. That day, my numbers were high and my trainer just thought it was due to not planning the basal and carb ratio properly. Each time I tested the numbers did change, sometimes higher sometimes lower so we just thought it was a basal issue. Later that night I treated with my syringe (which I never worry about or pause when I inject myself). The next morning I woke up with the same problem, so I thought to myself, self change the infusion set, since that is what the manual says. Low and behold when I pulled off the infusion set and saw it was not fully inserted and knew what the problem was. I mean, it was good for me in the sense that I was able to redo all I had learned the previous day.

Good luck!

yes i am definitely looking forward to all of those things!

being able to go to a movie without having to leave at 10 o'clock to take my Lantus. =D

Thanks for all the advice!

I'm just in waiting mode now...


First of all, congratulations on your pump! Well, in a week! :)

Like the others have said, the first night is weird. You'll be worried about rolling over on it and giving yourself extra insulin or the site pulling out...You can't give yourself extra insulin because you have to go through two or three steps whenever you bolus. :) The site rarely pulls out during the night. This has only happened to me a couple of times and both were a day or so after I should have changed the sites but didn't. (Tegaderm likes to wear out in two or three days.)

You'll absolutely love the pump! It was a godsend for me...I started feeling better after about a week and my a1c's have been in the high 5's, yes 5's!!, since I got it! :):)

Hope that helps you some!

Blessings! :)

for the first few days which was a couple months ago i was not used to having it attached to me, i kept feeling the site, it just felt odd to me, and yeah sleeping was like oh no what if i push a button. haha i didn't realize that there was a lock feature on it until two days later. yeah im slow. it was bizarre to not have to grab a bottle of insulin and a syringe. be prepared for that.

You will love it. The pump makes life easier and gives you more freedom. If my son ( now 6, started pumping at 4 ) can adapt, most anyone can. he has the Minimed 522 and it is durable, he drops it on the tile and even dropped it in the toilet twice, it bounces around all day with him and he doesn't even notice it anymore. It has become part of him as others have commented. In fact he is protective of it and it's where abouts. Which is interesting b/c he loses all his toys and breaks many things. He is a very active and rough little guy to say the least and his pump goes along for the ride.  Congrats on pumping and you'll do great !

Congrats on starting the pump! I know many say they don't want to be 'attached'...but I felt starting the pump was the most liberating thing.

Don't expect perfect numbers the first day. There is going to be a lot of adjusting in the beginning...fixing basal rates primarily. Definitely a lot of BG testing the first few days to the first few weeks.

The first day I started pumping was real exciting, my family and I went out to lunch........and dinner to celebrate LOL It felt great to just push a few buttons and eat!

Good luck, I will be switching from the Omnipod to the MM522 in the next few weeks. So I will also be adjusting to dealing with the tubing at night. I don't think it will be a big problem. I will deal with anything to have more reliability then I do currently!!

Is the appointment to start using a pump you already picked out? I just started using a pump (OmniPod) in November after being on injections for 5 years. I was so utterly miserable and my control was poor, I too was extremely excited about getting on an insulin pump. I went to an insulin pump class to learn about how to use them, and I decided to get the OmniPod. When it was delivered to my apartment, I took it to my doctor and he helped me with all the initial programming of insulin:carb ratios, senstivity factors, basal rates, etc. It's usually recommended to start on the pump using saline instead of insulin so you can get used to the pump without putting yourself in danger of doing too much or too little insulin. I was so excited though that I bypassed that training and started using the pump as soon as it was programmed. For this reason, we were initially conservative about insulin doses, so my blood sugars ran a little above normal initially, but we did some tweaking and now it's fantastic. The OmniPod doesn't have tubing, which was very nice and I couldn't even feel it on me. My first night with the pump on I had the pod on my stomach, but it didn't bother me laying on it or anything. It was just like every other night, except I had to remember not to go to the fridge to get out my lantus and do an injection! I'm so happy with the pump I would never in a million years go back to doing injections. I hope you have the same success! Just make sure to read the pump manual and consult your doctor if you have any questions! Best wishes!

[quote user="SunshineStateAdvocate"]

Is the appointment to start using a pump you already picked out?


Yes it is. I already have the MM Paradigm 522 sitting in my dorm room waiting to be used! I had to hide it behind my chair because I don't want to stare at it everyday thinking "MONDAY CAN'T COME SOONER!" lol.

I seriously can't wait for Monday. I have already read the manual and did the online pump classes but I plan on reviewing everything sunday before going to see my doctor. My doctor is the one giving me my "training" at least from our phone conversation this is what I assume and I will be going straight to insulin... no saline.

I'll update after monday!!


Thanks everyone for the advice and support. I really appreciate it.

i have a pump and it wont snap off. you can clip it to your pant bottoms. I love to sleep in guys boxers (dont ask y i just do) and i buy the kind with pockets so i can stick my pump in the pockets. but dont worry it wont fall off. oh and be careful about where you put your inset. it an get clogged and ur blood sugar will skyrocket. but i hope you love ur pump its so easy to use =]