One Word to Describe How You Feel Today!

We all feel different at different times....






Nervous...(due to chest pains which i have had on and off for about a day.)



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I don't care about your apathy.

But really...

Excited, school gets back in session tomorrow and I can't wait.

I'm a nerd, what can I say?

UPLIFTED :)    Just spent some time with a friend---She laughs a lot !!  It is amazing what laughter can do at times !!!! :)

now im happy but still tired

Worried - for my 1 minute presentation on Pakistan that I can't give in a minute. 


AMEN Keith!!..We should all feel BLESSED!!!...We are all seeing another day, month, Year that so many years ago many with T1 (or T2) would have never seen... BLESSED because we woke up this morning and our loved ones with this disease woke up this morning!! When my daughter wakes up and that smile comes across her beautiful little face, i KNOW nothing could make this a bad day!!...When we dwell on the negative then we put ourselves in a negative frame of mind! When we embrace the positive we feel so much better and realize just how lucky we truly are!!!....So yes, my one word would be BLESSED!!

Fantastic! (school starts today lol)

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unsure (now that she is at school I am a little unsure on how she will do with out me there to watch her)