Onetouch Delica vs Accu Check Fast Clix?

what is the best lancet, least painful?

My son likes One Touch. Hasn’t tried the AC. There are settings on most lancet devises on fingernprick skin depths. Also, there are sometimes different type needle gauges, so depending on brand there might be an ultra fine. I have seen for syringes. Haven’t researched lancets.

I use the AccuChek FastClix, which has a nice range of depth settings. I got a One Touch Delica free with a meter but have been testing for many years and the Delica did not go deep enough; but it will probably be fine for someone new to testing. The AccuChek’s range well be fine for now as well as years down the road.

We love the Accu Check Fastclix. My 11 year old daughter has had diabetes for 5 years now and we have been using fastclix since she was diagnosed. We tried other lancets but she said the fastclix was less painful. Also, it holds a cartridge that has 6 lancets so it’s easier to use and carry with you.