Ontario Canada

I'm Victoria and I'm going to be going into my first year of college. I was wondering if anyone was going to a college in Ontario I got accepted to St. Claire College in Windsor, Fanshawe College in London (both for Tourism and Travel), Conestoga College for General Arts and Science, and Georgian College for Early Childhood Education. Still waiting on Sheridan for Travel and Tourism. Maybe one of you will be going to the same one as me. What should I do being away from home with all my Diabetic supplies? If I decide on staying in residence will my roommates make fun of me or will they get that I'm Diabetic or, do something crazy like take my stuff away from me as a joke, which I here stories. If anyone is going to college in Ontario or has ideas for me or just about college in general, it will make me feel better about going into college and being a freshmen.

I go to WLU in in Waterloo, and I haven't really had any issues with roommates, or people taking my things. just make sure to explain to your roommates what all the different bits are for..... when I explained it to my roommate, apparently I totally freaked her out :P another girl on our floor told me later that my roommate told her that she was terrified that something would happen to me :P  going into first-year can be really terrifying, especially living away from home... the first week is probably the worst though, after that, you start making friends and having fun. I got incredibly homesick for the first week or two, and I wanted to give up on school, and go home.   I would really advocate joining clubs and groups on campus, as it makes making friends a lot easier, and also helps to take your mind off other things, like exam stress...   also, do you wear a pump? if not, I would really suggest looking into getting one..they make life much more manageable at school..

Wilfred Laurier cool. I bet it sucked that your roommate was freaked out but at least your roommate was concerned if something would happen to you. My Diabetes is weird to answer your question do I wear a pump I do/did/don't and maybe will again. It's hard to explain so I just wrote about that stuff in a blog on my profile. It's a Medtronic Minimed Insulin Pump in blue. Homesick, I'm a cry baby lol so it will be tough but like you said about joining clubs and sports, it's a good way to take your mind off of school work and being away from home. I'm considering joining a sport or extra curricular activity while I attend college so that would be interesting to balance that and school work. It would be awesome to connect with different students, classmates and make new friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.  It is a challenge to conquer but i do have until September and i already visited the college that I want to go to so it was like I belonged there because I didn't want to come back home isn't that crazy.