Ooooh I can RANT

Okay - It's not exactly a burnout thing - until you account for the fact that these little nitty things  make (see keep) me CRANKY.    I know some of you think I might be cranky anyhow, but the following are the things that I blame for my generally discourteous demeanor:


1.       Test meters with a back light and no light on the test port.  Do they really think I need to review old results in the dark without finding out where I am now?  Or do they think it’s easy enough to find a small drop of blood and match it to their tiny test strip in a dark room.  In a word, THPLLLLLLLLLLLLT!

2.       Anyone selling a box of 100 lancets.  Really?!?!?!? I go through – oh, I don’t know one every 14-18 months.  Has my life expectancy gone up dramatically???

3.       Whoever QA passed those syringes from Walmart that were delivering 2.5 TIMES the intended dose.  Could it have really been that hard to spot a problem here???

4.       The fact that nobody has found a way to keep the bottled test strips from sticking to each other.  Does this really just happen to me??? (I’m using the Flash strips – see item 1 for the reason)

5.       Being forced to use Mail-order insulin.  Not that I believe my friends at UPS will compromise the temperature  requirements of my life-giving/saving medication by leaving it on my front step in 20 below weather or on a 90 degree day… I really ought to write a special thank you to my insurance provider… :-S

6.       “Sugar free” products that have a higher carb count than their “regular” versions

7.       Every ad that claims to have a cure for Type 1 diabetes

8.       Packages with titles like “Diabetic Socks” – ummm how much insulin do they take???


I am thankful for EVERYONE out there who gets it :)  Happy Thanksgiving, ya'll!



YOu were two shy from a top ten list lol Think of two more! lol I am sure you can haha

Gina - ohhhh - alright...

9. My (old) insurance company denying my pump coverage or – more completely – any insurance provider determining or setting out to determine the care a patient should receive while trying to override the advice and counsel of the doctor who is actually meeting with and caring for the patient.

10.  Top-ten lists about diabetes :P



Haha! Great! I am sure a lot of people can  relate to all of these! Awesome list. Thanks.

Ha! I have one to add: The nightly news trying to say, "Yes, this is a cure for juvenile diabetes!" when what they really mean is, "If you were diagnosed a couple weeks ago."

AND, I often feel as if, because I've had diabetes 26 years, they expect me to already know everything about everyone. Because, clearly, the technology hasn't changed.


Oh, and A-D, you forgot the diabetic lotion. Because, really, you're getting screwed bying that Jergens crap.


I hate not knowing if I'm actually sick/coming down with something or if diabetes is just being mean. Lately I've had a sinus infection, thyroid problems, anemia, and "something viral" says the doctor. So I start getting really light-headed and my appetite is weird... In short, I'm really frustrated with all of the extra considerations and fears that come with diabetes. Essentially, I'm not liking the extra scares. The 50-60 point drops out of nowhere and for no discernable reason is terrifying!