Oooops! -I forgot it upstairs

I am a bit distractible.  Those who know me or have read many of my posts realize that I have a wandering mind.  In my day to day life this means I get to go back for things, in fact, I get to go back for things a lot.  I get my stuff in the car in the morning and come back in for my lunch… Or, I come down to go to the store and realize I forgot my monitor, or something else upstairs so – I have to go back.  What occurred to me recently is that I am willing to run back and do a lot of work to go get things that are not even close to being as important to me as my health. 

I can almost hear it reverberating back through your monitors “why does he feel compelled to share this with us?

I have times, sometimes mid-morning before lunch and sometimes mid-afternoon after lunch where I’m trending up just a tiny bit.  What I used to do was just up my basal by 5% for a half hour or bolus for 3-5 carbs extended over 30 minutes.  Usually my sugar would crest up a bit past normal but come back within the 90 minute window and I’d be fine well before I was facing my next meal. 

Okay, so the building I work with has a stairwell that goes basement to roof which is five floors. (I’m about to tie it all together I promise!) Now that I have the CGM I am getting better insight as to how my little trends and spikes evolve. 

So, I was sitting at my desk and I was watching my CGM go from 86, to 88, to 93… and so on… and about the time it hit 105, I realized – I had forgotten my normal blood sugars upstairs!  So, I went up and down the full flight of steps three times my sugar came back into the 80’s and stabilized.  I’ve now been using this technique as another management add for my days.    So now, if I’m drifting up, if it is a slow rise and I don’t want to bolus, I am starting to think “Hey, I think I left my normal blood sugar upstairs!”

I would love to hear any games ya’ll may play to hit those happy numbers! J



Fascinating!! I love this kind of stuff! Remind me again...what CGM do you have, and how does it compare to "real time" testing? 


I have the Navigator.  It still requires some fingersticks, however, it is (like all four CGM models) a combination of three pieces.  It has a sensor that goes under the skin and leaves contacts on the skins surface, a transmitter that attaches to the sensor and then a receiver that picks up the glucose information.  The values are based on interstitial fluid.  Interstitial fluid does not carry glucose for any specific function but rather as a result of a sort of (as I understand it) osmotic run-off from the blood and cells that do carry glucose for a reason.  This means that it can and usually does run several (estimates seem to vary between 9 and 20 from what I’ve read) minutes behind.  The Navigator polls every minute and it is attached to you full time.  I guess that last sentence is the short answer to everything else I said, LOL. 




Did I mention I’m distractible???

After chatting with A-D the other day he reminded me of one of the things I do to lower my sugars- homework.

All the brain work keeps my sugars level.

Surprisingly, although it seems sedentary, reading a book for pleasure also seems to work.

Having a few drinks with dinner will help with my morning after blood sugars.  I still have to make a responsible guess at how much I should bolus, but it seems like a couple drinks and I'll always wake up 100 +/- 5.  However, if I go a little too crazy (4 drinks or more) I'll usually wake up in the middle of the night with a low... and a miserable headache... and a full bladder.

So, I guess I could say... "I'm searching for my normal blood sugars at the bottom of this bottle of beer, but if I know if I look too hard I'm bound to hit rock bottom."

Mad Evans,

Sometimes, I think of a response – and I know I shouldn’t post it… and yet… here it is…

 So... what you're telling us is that you could have done a post about "Diabetes on the rocks" or "Diabetes, shaken not stirred" or "Adding olives, limes and other fruit to a healthy diabetes regimen..." 


Okay- I'll stop...

Cheers! :)


That last one sounds superb... "Adding olives, limes, and other fruit to a healthy diabetes regimen."  That've grabbed the attention of the readers!

LOL... and I thought I was distractable!  By the time i was able to finish the post, i forgot what it was about!   LOL!!


Does anyone notice a difference with their attention span s and BG's?   I self diagnosed my self with ADHD (minus the hyperactivity) and i thought it was becuase I was running so high, but now i find that some days I just cant sit still.