So with all the highs Riley has been having I have been giving her more novalog through the day and 1 unit for every 10-12 carbs depending on what foods she is eating. Well last night was a lazy no tired mom bad dinner night of a frozen burrito and a corn dog with a ice cream bar chaser lol. She was at 237 and at 12 she needed 5.8 units of insulin so I rounded it up to 6 and gave her one correction. I gave her 4 units before she ate and then when she was done with her ice cream the other 3. This was between 5:40 and 6. She tested around 7 and was 123 I say thats ok I am sure she will go up from there. At 8 I call her up to test and she is at 47! I about pooped a brick. I asked her if she felt low she says I am shaky HELLO why didnt you test sooner?? lol she laughs at me and tells me it just started right before I called her up. So I guess splitting up her novolog does not work for her or at least not this time. she went from 47 to 90 in 10 minutes so I gave her a ice cream bar 14 carbs and sent her off to bed. At 8:40 she was 158 and at 9 she was at 180 something. I got up to check her at midnight and she was at 300 lol so I cant win but I didnt lose either.