OpSite Flexifix?

Anyone use this to extend the life of your sensor's adhesive?  I'm on day 6 of my sensor (Dexcom) and the adhesive is coming off.  I'd like to get as much life out of my sensors as possible, as we all know these puppies ain't cheap!

Anyway, if you use OpSite Flexifix, how do you like it?  And, do you use the 2" or 4"?  I'm about to buy some from Amazon.  


Hi Laura, Opsite Flexifix has been working well for me.  I also bought my Flexifix from Amazon.

At around 1 week on my G4 the edges of the Dexcom adhesive start coming up, so I add 4 strips of Flexifix.  I cut the strips off the roll about 1.5" inch wide (6 square markings), and place them above, below, and to each side of the transmitter.  That width overlaps the Dexcom adhesive and goes out onto the skin a little.

The Flexifix lasts about another week, then it too starts coming up.  If I want to go a third week on the same sensor I add more Flexifix on top of of the old.  If it has come up a lot I'll trim it back a little first.

I've been very fortunate in that neither the Dexcom adhesive nor the Flexifix causes me any skin irritation.  Also, the tiny hole left by the sensor wire after 3 weeks looked the same as after 1 week, with no sign of irritation or infection.  Some people do have skin problems with one of these factors.

Thanks!  I just ordered the 4" Flexifix.  I'm going to attempt to cut a hole in it for the sensor.  

I love the opposite flexifix for my Dexcom! I can usually get 10+ days out of it using the extra tape!