Orange:will for women

orange:will is a national campaign that will help establish a greater awareness of the unique challenges faced by women with diabetes.  It represents the sheer will and determination required for women to manage their diabetes successfully.  It represents the idea that orange will empower us, orange will engage us, and orange will unite us!  Orange WILL do many important things for women with diabetes! 


The goal of orange:will is for orange to bring attention to our disease and empower us much like pink has done for breast cancer and red has done for heart disease.  Rest assured that we do not want to take attention away from other established diabetes movements (such as World Diabetes Day), but we do want to highlight women and their unique challenges with diabetes.  Orange:will is a true grassroots movement, so whether it's success is seen on a local, national, or global level is dependent on each of us to do our small part.  We urge you to involve your loved ones, friends, and co-workers.  Let's take orange:will global!


Visit to learn more and to become involved! The orange:will campaign was established and is supported by DiabetesSisters, a national non-profit whose mission is to advocate for women with diabetes. To learn more or to join, visit