Our Dexcom is up and running!

I am so excited!  I came home today to find my daughter's Dexcom 7 plus had been delivered a day earlier than we expected.  I felt like a kid at Christmas!  We have been waiting for this for so long.  Every low she would have without any symptoms would make me sick knowing there was a device out there that could help us catch them before she went too low.  Well, now I hope to be able to relax a little knowing "Dexie" (she named the receiver) will be watching out for those nasty lows and alerting me when she sees one coming.  I have no idea if our medical supply company or Dexcom intends to do a training with us but, I couldn't wait so, I read the directions and forged forward and got Dexie up and running.  After the warm up period my daughter's 2 finger sticks were 122 and 127. Dexie gave us a reading of 120.  I squeeled like a 4 year old in a toy store!  If Dexie can catch even half of L's lows before she hits 40, I will be so happy.

Congrats! I hope it's still going well.

Dexcom should definitely have a nurse meet you at the endo's office for training if you ask, although you might not feel like you need it now. When I switched from 7 to 7 plus, the training helped me learn about new alarm features, etc. But, I'm lazy about reading manuals. (: They're helpful on the phone too if you just call the 1-800 number.

Occasionally, I'll get a bad sensor that misses a low. So, I find it really helpful, but I still try to be as aware of low symptoms as I can w/ my hypo unawareness.