Our Latest A1C Number

Soooooo, Sawyer is 2 yrs. old and 8 Months and we are reaching our first year anniversary.  His last A1C was 7.8 and this week it was............................6.9!!!!!!!!!!!!  All the hard work is paying off...and I am getting the hang of this....just like first nature!  And of course Sawyer is such a champ and takes it all in stride...he has normalcy to his routine and embraces it with great understanding to keep him healthy!   YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


wow congrats on the good a1c, he thanks you for it :)

That's wonderful!  Glad to see the hard work paid off.

Yeah! Glad you got such good news after all your hard work.

YEA, for you both have done a really good job!!!! Not easy but so worth it. LOL

Congrats! That's fantastic!!!!