Our Oh-So Witty Explinations

So I think it's probably safe to say that we've all gone through experiences where we had to explain diabetes to someone empathetically inferior. Whether it is they couldn't understand because they were too young, or didn't "get it," we had to respond one way or another. And, judging by the posts online at Juvenation, a lot of us have those oh-so witty explanations :) I'm sure we'd all get a laugh and love to hear them - share here!

My oh-so wittiest explanation was probably when I was trying to explain to a friend about 'free carbs.' She didn't understand how I could have small snacks without taking insulin. We were eating pickles at the time, which I think are one of the best “free” foods, so I snatched up the jar, pointed to the nutrition label, and explained in "easy" terms:

10 pickles = 10 carbs, therefore I can have 10 pickles without a shot.

Needless to say, she understood the pickle analogy pretty quickly :) And she still laughs about it, reminiscing when I bring up carbs. "You can have 10 pickles..."



hah! that's funny!

i babysit a lot and i have to explain things to little kids all the time, and even grown ups need it in simple terms.

the way i explain type one is how it was explained to me when i was 11.

our pancress is a bike maker and the bike represent insulin that needs to get into my bllood,normal people's makes a nice shiny bike that zooms through the blood perfectly! people with type two diabetes makes a bike whith handlebars where the seat should be and other odd things, so it dosen't get to the blood that well. people with type one their bike maker is out of order, it dosen't even work., so nothing gets to where it needs to be.

thats a good one, laura! i think ill use that!

I also babysit and work with young kids alot. If the kids are old enough I will try to explain it to them but 2 year olds... not so much. I usuall just let them press the light button on my pump. That distracts them for about 5 minutes

I don't have any funny explanations but I have woken up with Paramedics over me (passing out at work they tend to freak!)  Morale of the story: DON'T do those crash 6 week diets before getting married without adjusting your insulin significantly! :o)

I was lucky when I started babysitting, my first job was for the two sons of a doctor (and the older son was a friend of a friend of mine who also had Diabetes) so they knew about my "situation".....the others I babysat for were pretty understanding too....

My mother-in-law tells me that when my husband and his brother were kids, their babysitter was Diabetic but never told (ate cookies, ice cream, etc at their house) until she was hospitalized and her mother told my mother-in-law....She FREAKED! and didn't really trust that sitter anymore. 


We haven't had to get too witty with it, but we've gotten pretty short with people...you know, like, "Actually, Type 1 and Type 2 aren't the same thing at all.  All you hear about in the media is Type 2.  Our son is just like you, except your pancreas works."  ...and we might be a little sharp with our tone ;o).

We do have some funny things though, like giggling through telling people this is our 'sweet' child or getting funny looks when we ask our six year-old if he's 'high'.  hehehe...that one kills me.  You should hear the huffs we get :oD

I'm pretty witty about it.

I usually just say that I'm a druggy that loves life too much to stop.

Then they usually leave me alone.

But with kids, I usually just tell them that I have a broken body part, kinda like in a car.


i never really get asked about it. i think it's because thats one of the first things i talk about when i meet people, just so they know. but i'm used to saying i have diabetes instead of saying i have type one.

First I'll try to explain it.

Type 1 diabetes is where there is no key/locksmith to open the door to your house to bring in the food to the residents. It is hard for the residents because they will starve if I don't supply the keys myself! And sadly I am not good at making keys the way a lock smith is.

But if I am feeling very passionate about it or talking with someone who is not quite comprehending the severity of type one diabetes and what I just said, I generally break it down like this.

"I am on life support. If I don't take insulin, my cells will starve to death and I will die. Its not like that uncle you know who skips taking his meds for a couple days, right? Wanna know what is really scary, if I live long enough I'll get type-2 also! There is no cure. If you wanna help, I'll tell you how." -scare tactic, it works and scares the p*ss out of type 2s.