Over eating to feel better after lows

I called my endo who after adjusting my basals over night and was still going low and having spikes.

Just wanted to share her brilliant idea that saves me some trouble. I might just have not been thinking but ah i will take my chance sharing it here.

I was having major issues with going low like 3 or 4 in the morning and then over eating because it was the middle of night and i wanted to feel better so i could sleep. i know we have all gone through this.

My doc told me that when i go low, test and input my blood sugar in the bolus wizard on your pump, with the carbs of what was eaten too. Instead of giving a normal bolus, set it for a square bolus over like an hour or hour and a half. It should adjust since your low and only cover the extra carbs but give you the insulin so you dont spike.

This has really helped me, ecspecially with getting my A1C down.

Let me know what ya think.


When I don't feel like I have the self-control (or desire) to eat only what I need, I do something similar to that.  My biggest challenge is that the Omnipod will not calculate if your sugar is under 50.  So if I wake up at 45 and want to have a half peanut butter sandwich, a glass of milk and a cookie, I have to figure out how much insulin to give without the help of my pump...  The sqare wave or extended bolus is a real benefit with this, for sure!   Great thinking!



I have my son do that with most meals already, at the direction of one of the foremost Diabetes docs in the country. It really helps. Glad to see Endos sharing that handy dual and sqaure wave function.

I met a gal at a JDRF awards party I hosted a couple weeks ago and her daughter has been on the pump for years and when I asked her if she used that function she asked me what it was! I was shocked!

HI Bailey,  if it's workin... then it don't need fixin =)

getting the overnight basal fixed is BIG.  it'll make a world of difference.

I don't mind the glucose tabs - so since 1 tab raises my bs exactly 20 points: I shoot for 120 and go back to bed.    Since they're no fun to eat - I don't overdo it.    I HATE taking the extra insulin at night - and eating high carb + insulin was starting to make me gain weight...

good luck Bailey

I am Notorious for over eating-   Sometimes during the night I will suck down juice like there's no tomorrow until I feel better.........


I found that I would drop at night between 3am and 6am during certain times of the month..... I told my old endo this and she thought i was nuts.....     I'm glad that with the pump now I can adjust my basal rates accordinagly.

I am looking at my bolus availabilities: I see standard, extended, and combination...looks like I have some reading up to do. Now where's that handbook...

Thank you for the discussion; it helps a crabby type 1 like me.