Over eating when bs is low

Hi T1d. This is my 27th year with this disease. I still fight over eating when I’m low especially middle of night. Dangerous for me to stay in kitchen . Easy to eat to many sweets or high carb foods. How about anyone else?

I’ve been diabetic for 14 years and I do the same thing oftentimes when my blood sugar is low. Especially in the middle of the night, I’ll eat more than necessary or drink a huge glass of OJ that will end up sending my blood sugars in the 300s when I wake up a few hours later. It’s a horrible feeling either way: if my blood sugar is too low OR too high…very frustrating!!

I eat too much too. In the night, I have started eating 2 glucose tabs and setting a temporary basal to 75%. How long I set it for depends on what time it is. If it is before midnight, I set it longer than if it is closer to time to get out of bed. If I can go back to sleep before I fully realize that I feel shaky, it is easier to raise the bg by a reasonable amount and not shoot up too high. This is much less exhausting than a low/high roller coaster.

I’ve been T1 for 20 years. If I get hypoglycemic during the day, I tend to over eat. If I get it in the middle of the night, I usually eat 4-6 glucose tabs and am fine when I wake up. Why I don’t do that during, I don’t know. I think sometimes we like to go off the wagon, so to speak.

I have been diabetic for 42 years and still over treat my low blood sugars during the night. I continue to eat until I feel better. Usually consume Orange juice and ritz crackers with peanut butter. I don’t typically over treat during the day.

Oh yes, even after 48+ plus years, I still over treat. Treat might be the wrong approach! It is pretty scary to be alert, while experiencing the shakes, and I do what is needed to prevent that. Funny side note might be the reality of a low bs is one starving ones brain for food, so it is very difficult to think clearly. My wife is now pretty good about getting up with me, and making sure I do not over do it.

That has happened to me a few times but i have learnt to wait. What i do is i take just a glass of orange juice. or a glass of lemonade and a sandwich. I wait 2 hrs and check. Normally my sugar level goes up to 3 mmol/L then balances out at 5mmol about an hr later.
It very rarely goes lower. Before the mistake i made was to have a sugar low. over eat sweet things go back to bed only to find that my sugar level spike high then take more insulin to combat that. which would then go low again later in the day.
Once i realized that my body was too releasing sugar because i was too low. that helped me understand not to pack my body with too much sugary things in one go.
If i took honey 2 heaped spoons was enough with a slice of bread. (i was really low then) by 5 hrs my level would be 9mmol/L and raising.
I would then only then take a little insulin not more than like 3E to balance it out.
By the way i use an Omnipod which works very well for me in adjusting my insulin levels.

Hi I’m Kelly T1D for 15 years.

I set a snack on my nightstand in case I get low at night.

Juice box
about 15 carbs

  • bottle of water

*Peanut butter or any protein can help level blood sugar at night.
I also drink Boost glucose control shakes at night only 16 carbs.
Drinking a lot of water along with a snack helps me when I am low.

Don’t use food to treat lows and you won’t overeat food, right?

Glucose tabs of any brand are cheap, pre measured, easily stored. If they don’t taste good to you, even better, you won’t eat too many. Each one is the 4g and they’re scored down the middle to easily be bitten in half. Or use glucose gel. I keep tabs on the kitchen counter, in the car glovebox and my bag.

I rarely, rarely, rarely use food to treat low. Can’t even recall the last time I did so.

I am horrible at trying Not to over-treat!! I do use the glucose tablets when I am out of the house. so I know to feel better I need to eat at least 3, and if i am gone for the day, to have a meal. I use kool-aid to treat my lows at night. Sometimes I feel nauseous when low and the only thing i will keep down is kool-aid. It is hard to be patient when a low is happening! but we shouldn’t beat ourselves up, being too low is dangerous.