Over night and Complications

Hey Guys!

Iam always afraid to go to sleep with my sugar below 120, because i dont want it to go low! what sugar do u guys go sleep with? And how long does it take to develop complications? If your A1C is in the fives can u still develop complecations?

What happens to your sugar levels overnight? Do you drop? Try to contain your worries to things that actually happen, and not to what might happen. I would take a night or two and do some night time testing to see what happens overnight. It's a pain and the alarm gets annoying, but this way you will see what happens and know whether or not to be worried.

As for complications, it's a funny thing. Some folks don't take good care of themselves and never get any. Most people who take good care of themselves don't get any, but there are a few who have good numbers and still get some. You never know for sure, but you change the odds tremendously (by about 97% in the case of neuropathy) if you have good glucose control.


Cora is right on.  See what your blood sugar actually does overnight.  And going to bed at 120 is totally fine if that's what works for you.

Having tight control is your best bet to avoid complications, but it's not a guarantee.  I've never found it helpful to stress about complications that may or may not happen.  My motivation is that when my blood sugar is decent I feel better and have more energy.  If complications happen, I'll deal with them.

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Thank u so much!!!!! This helped alot:)