Overactive immune system?

I'm just wondering if anyone else has an experience like my daughter's. We've always called her "indestructible" because she never gets hurt (though she tries hard enough...), and never gets sick. With the exception of the diabetes related symptoms she had for quite a long time, the kid has rarely been ill, and when she is, it doesn't last. This morning, for example, she started feeling achy and weak, and was running a slight fever. I thought for sure this was going to be our first experience with a diabetic sick day. She turned all pale and could barely walk (yes, her bg was okay, tested at just over 100). So she rested on my bed for about two hours and whalla, she's feeling completely fine now.

And this is completely typical behavior. If the family gets a cold, the rest of us are sick for a week, and Sarah is sick for a day (at most). So it started me thinking, is it possible that her immune system is more active than normal?

Does anyone else have a similar experience or any information on whether this is typical of type 1 diabetics?

I am not diabetic but that is how I am. I chalk it up to germs fearing me lol. I have been to the doc for being sick once in the past 13 years. My kids get sick on average twice a year and my husband gets it when they bring it home. I start to feel like poo and then I am fine. I just dont get sick.

I have T1 and another auto-immune disease, and I get colds quite a bit. (Luckily, very rarely stomach bugs which really mess with the D!). But, it would make sense about her immune system. Or maybe she's just lucky?

Was that old bottle Unsweetened?  Was it 100% cranberry juice? I'm really confused how that could possibly be.

100% cranberry juice with no sweetener would be too tart to drink. So most cranberry juice is a blend of juices.  (My MIL works in a cranberry marsh in the fall, packaging cranberries, so we eat A LOT of them and there is always cranberry marketing paraphenalia around.) Old Orchard brand has a cranberry juice that is sweetened with Truvia that is only 16g per 8oz serving. Their frozen 100% Juice: Cranberry concentrate is a blend of apple and cranberry but has no added sugar, but is 28g carb per 8 oz.

If you really can't find a cranberry juice that is to your liking, you can get the same infection fighting benefits by making your own cranberry sauce or relish and then sweetening to your preferences. It is easy to find fresh cranberries now in the produce section and they are really simple to cook with.

That's weird, especially if it's the same serving size. Maybe it's watered down? You wouldn't think the carb content of actual cranberries would have changed...

I love cranberry juice, but you have to be so careful to find the juice without tons of sugar added. I usually buy the purest I can find and drink it mixed half and half with sparkling water.

I like to drink Ocean Spray Diet Cranberry juice. It's made with splenda and has 2g carbs per serving. It's made with 100% cranberry juice and water. I enjoy the tartness of it because I don't like sweet-flavors. It's not that cranberry juice can fight certain infections (once you have it, you need to get an antibiotic or it will go into a kidney infection which is REALLY dangerous and painful), but it can help prevent them in future by keeping your UT healthy. It helps you rid your body of naughty bacteria naturally. 

Nope it was just an old unopened bottle with no high fructose corn syrup, just sugar, cranberry, and water.

My brother dared me to drink it and it was good, tart but good He even drank some. So later that day me and him went to the grocery store to pick up some more and we read the back. It had high fructose corn syrup and nearly twice as many carbs! We took it home and drank it. It was not tart at all and actually sweet in comparison. THAT opened up a whole conversation about food/farm subsidizing, marketing, and what not. It was a great day together around an old bottle of cranberry juice.

My mom was told that orange juice is just as good at fighting off some infections because the acidity will help kill the bacteria and prevent things like UTI's.  I started buying the new Trop 50 because it has less sugar (only 13 grams of carbs!) and it tastes good.  It is a little tart but very natural tasting.  It's a good option.

Products do change over time. Ovaltine for example isn't nearly as strange tasting as it used to be. Cranberry juice has to compete against all the sugar loaded juices on the market and someone decided to add sugar to sell more. 

I drink the Ocean Spray diet cranberry juice too but find it's very sweet. Sweeter than regular cranberry juice. I prefer my cranberry juice tart but it's worth switching since you don't have to worry about carbs and can have juice whenever you feel like it.