OWWW! My Aching Feet...!

Okay..i know all about neuropathy..been there, done that.  I take Cymbalta and Metanx for those complications.  For the past few weeks though, I've been having a different kind of pain in my feet...extreme sharp shooting pains (usually in my great toe, but in other places also) that last probably 15 to 30 seconds then goes away. It doesn't help that I am a nurse and stand on concrete for approxiamately 10 hours a day! I even cut back work to 3 days a week to see if that would help...it didn't.  Anyone else have similiar pains???

omg yes. i have the same problem my feet have been killing me for several weeks now. it started when i had to wear some crappy shoes to work for a few days in a row ( i work long hours on my feet also) and then i bought some expensive dr scholls shoes and figuered that would be the end of it but my feet constantly hurt all the time now. 

Yeah, I have the same thing. My doctor called it Focal Neuropathy.