PA HIPP Dexcom

Hi. My son is newly diagnosed with type 1. We got keystone first as secondary medical assistance. I was just contacted my the HIPP program about being switched to that. They can’t tell me whether the Dexcom is covered under the ACCESS card or not. Has anyone switched to the HIPP program in PA and the Dexcom year as covered? Thank you!

Can’t directly answer your question but I’ve found my doctor/office is very familiar with what’s covered under different plans - they may want to prescribe X but my plan will only cover Y or a generic version and they “just seen to know.” They might be able to give you some guidance.Wishing you the best in your search!

If the doctor isn’t familiar with the insurance 100%, they will at least have the contact information for the local sales rep for dexcom, The sales rep will often know how to get it covered and advise the doctor

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