Paid Position-Camp Counsleor/Diabetes Shadow Wanted


My 12 year old son was diagnosed with Type 1 in May.  We are currently looking for a male of at least 19 years of age who also has Type 1-a pumper would be ideal-who would be interested in being his shadow and a counselor for his cabin at a 7 week sleep away camp in the Adirondacks this summer.  The camp is not a diabetes camp and we need a responsible counselor in the cabin who understands diabetes and can help my son manage while he is away from home-i.e. help him carb count, manage activity and assist with the technical aspects of his pump.

I have an ad I could forward to anyone interested.

Many thanks,


Miss. Lisa,  I'm so sorry to hear about your son. I have learned that that, that desn't kill us is a blessing and will make us stronger. Working with your son closely and being a camp councler sounds like something that I would really enjoy doing.  When I was 12, I wish I could have had the oppurnity to have had someone like a mentor to look up to, who was dealing with much of the same issues I was having when I was 12 being a diabetic on a pump. Pumps can certainly be a marvelous wonder and help immensely prolonging complications but as you know can be very confusing and complicated.  I myself have been blessed not to have had any complications yet and I have had Diabetes type 1 since I was round 3.   I wear the Medtronic Revel 723 & CGM?  I'm a very athletic and upbeat guy.  I really enjoy being my age but when I get older I plan to stay in the States and go to get my degree in child psychology. I have no formal medical education other than CPR. I have no bad vices.. I dont drink, smoke, use drugs, no caffeen. As you know, diabetics have enough to worry about without adding addional proplems.  Please feel free to e-mail me and we can set up a call. I will go and snag a recent picture of myself for you



Thanks fso much for your reply Jason.  It would be great if we could arrange a time to talk or skype.  Would you be available some time tomorrow or Thursday?  Thanks  

That would be great.  I'll be traveling for about four hours tomorrow...  form about 9:30 until 11:30AM central time.  Can you call at 10 Am central time.


Ms. Lisa, I hope you have my mobile number, if not just e-mail me directly at him



Ms. Lisa, I did not realize that when I posted my mobile number… It was in a general chat room. So I have taken it down and hope you have written down. If you have indeed forgotten it, please e-mail me directly at   I look forward to our conversation  in 2 hours.



Hi-Unfortunately I have a work commitment tomorrow around the time you wanted to talk.  Any chance you could be available after 4 PM ET-so 3 PM CT?  I will be available any time after then.

Let me know and thanks so much for your interest in the position.

Dear LisaS

Curiosity has sparked, and I am just wondering why you would not look at one of the multiple Diabetes summer camps? I attended Camp Joslin for boys baclk in the early 70's, and it was the best experience ever. I was surrounded by other young boys with diabetes, and received the best possible care and education of learning how to care for myself. Diet, Excercise, testing and long lasting frienships that I still maintain to this day. Probably this best thing learned was, I was not the only one with diabetes, and I did not need any special treatment, different from the other campers. Back then, the daily blood testing was cutting edge, slested cabins would march to the lab daily, and get their ear lobe stuck for BS results. Times have changed, and now the newest sutting edge diabetes theropy is part of the daily work for all those that attend a diabetes camp. This was by far, the best thing my parents ever did for me. I do not work for the Joslin, and am not praising them for any other reason then what a monumental part summers at a Diabetes Camp for boys contributed to my ability to live with diabetes as long as I have If I was 18-19 again, this would very much appeal to me. But since I cannot turn back the clock, I do wish you all the best with locating the perfect mentor/shadow pumper for your son.


It was priceless for me to attend diabetes summer camp too.  Went from age 7-14.  I know they're usually only a week long, but maybe your son could do in addition to the longer camp you're hoping to have him attend.  

I later worked at a Girl Scout and YMCA camp as a counselor and while it was okay, it was nothing as great as diabetes camp.