Pain after insertion

Okay more like discomfort, but still I notice the sensor and it feels like it is touching my abdominal muscles for the first day (I am on Dexcom- 7 day sensor).  Anyone else have this issue?  Any ideas?

Sometimes have felt discomfort in the abdomen. What I ended up doing is I use either my sides, where the most "fat" I have exists. It keeps it out of the muscle as well. I am guessing you are slender which is why you feel it more. I would try the "love handle" area. It could help. Also, with the Dexcom, I have found the most comfort on my arms. While they Dexcom is FDA cleared only for the abdomen it works well on the upper arm as well. I feel I get great results and I never feel it. It might be something to consider or think of. Granted you being a girl using your arms might not work as I tend to wear polo shirts and t-shirts. You would have to plan your dress accordingly based on your sensor placement.

I find that my lower stomach works better than my upper stomach, in terms of "feeling it", or it getting in the way... then again, I'm only on my third sensor ever.  :)

I always feel the most comfortable using my legs.  I just feel like the sensor would be in the way and be more likely to rip out in other places.  It does hurt pretty bad when I put it in.  Sometimes they're a little uncomfortable while wearing too, but for the most part, the upper/outer thigh area has been working pretty well for me.  I use the Minimed CGM system.  I also noticed that if I'm standing and my leg muscles are rigid when I insert the sensor, it's more likely to gush blood everywhere and pretty much ruin the sensor by soaking through the adhesive tape before it really gets a chance to stick.  If I sorta relax my leg and sit on the edge of my bed, it doesn't bleed as much.  These things are such a pain in the ass, but they are worth it in the end...

Happy stabbing! ...I mean, inserting! ;)


Thanks for the advice!  I tried squeezing fat I guess to maximize depth? before inserting it and it seemed to help a lot.  The only problem with that is if I am not careful the adhesive seems to pull my skin a little, but not nearly as uncomfortable as before.  I am going to try the other ideas too.  My lower back is out, I have overused it for the pump- so I really need to get new areas for the pump too! I find I am scared to try new spots, cause I built up a nice cushy layer from over-inserting the pump  Any favorite locations?  Does the pinching trick work for that too?

I use my upper arms and I have great absorbance there.  Hips, sometimes legs, although sensors work better on my legs than pump sites.  I also like my side, sorta under my arm, and even on my back sometimes, depending on the spot.  I just try to move it around a lot, because I used my stomach so much when I was younger that sites hardly ever work there anymore.

As far as the adhesive pulling...have you tried leaving the backing on the adhesive until you stop squeezing the fat, and then put the tape down once the skin is no longer taut?  I used to have this problem with my pump sites.  The tape would be stretched out sort of..and then they'd always end up ripping out prematurely.  I started bending over slightly in the direction of the side where I was putting the pump site in (on my stomach or side), after that, the skin wouldn't be as tight, and the tape didn't do that anymore.  Hope that made some kind of sense!

Actually ginny - I am not sure that you can't insert into the fatty deposits that have developed secondary to insulin. And though the educators will say you shouldn't, NO ONE really knows. If it is scar tissue with fibrosis - like a surgical wound - then it will have limited interstitial fluid and not be optimal. However, it is lipodystrophy or fatty deposits from insulin, it should be theoretically as good if not better than other sites.

Dexcom does not know. They advise against it as a precaution. I've actually discussed this with the head of the technical support department and she said that theoretically, it should work just fine.

Pinching up will not make much of a difference - when you let go, it all goes back to the same place.

If you try and the sensor fails, Dexcom will send you a replacement free of charge. i don't have any deposits like that but have extensive personal and professional experience with the products.

Also you don't have to rotate sites like you do for the pump. The wound created is very small - like a syringe. It does not cause scar tissue.

What insulin are you using in your pump? If you are building up areas, changing insulin may help.

Thanks for the info!  I just changed insulins, and soon pump types, so I am hoping that will help with increasing the rotation.  I am not sure if I just got used to the CGM sensor, or what, but I am finding it hasn't been bothering me as much.  Occasionally when I am laying in bed I'll feel a mild discomfort (I am stomach/side sleeper), but if I use a pillow I can get comfy.

yeah i have noticed this....i hate putting my sensor in because it hurts so much when it is inserted. i dont have any trouble with it afterwards, except occasionally wherever i have put it, this place gets a little sensitive. i actually have given up on using it(haha i sound pathetic lol). i only put it in  like when i go to the beach or waterpark or anyplace else where i might not want to check as much as i normally do...its a lot easier this way :)