Pain and insulin pump...ouch!

Ive been on the insulin pump for almost a year now. I love it I seem to do way better with it the injecting 3 times a day but what I don't love is the pain. It was really hard to get used to having it on all the time it especially bugged me at nite. I couldn't get comfortable. I'm kinda used to it now but I get scared of putting it on wrong. I hate pain but we all have to deal with it being diabetic I'm scared of putting on all the time because it hurts and I keep having problems I guess I put it wrong and it hurts all day I also had to be rushed to the hospital twice already because once I took the pump off I bleed a lot and I actually had to stay in the hospital because I lost a lot of blood.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Like where is the best part to put the pump on? How do you deal wth not being scared of pain?

Hi Daisy, Im not sure what type of serta device you are using, but my son uses the minimed with the blue quick serter device (a 90degree insert) . I might recommend a location, if youre not using it already.. We have my son sit down and cross his left leg ( or right) over the other leg and where the indention- dimple,  is in his crossed leg - it is between the quad and hami ( it is cleary visibile) we make sure the tape from the quick set lines up just above this indention. We insert in this area- he feels NO PAIN-  But you should not have the free bleeding you descibe unless you are hitting a nerve or small artery. Im sorry you are feeling this pain!  Some folks I know used the slanted serta and had lots of pain.. I would definetely discuss this with your Endo, it sounds like something that can be resolved with proper training..


Best wishes!


What type of Pump are you using? Where are your sites? And what type of infusion set are you using?

You should not be experiencing pain with having a pump. I mean with all the people that have pumps, it would not be a big seller to say, no more MDI but you will feel pain all the time.

[quote user="devynsmom"]We have my son sit down and cross his left leg ( or right) over the other leg and where the indention- dimple,  is in his crossed leg - it is between the quad and hami ( it is cleary visibile) we make sure the tape from the quick set lines up just above this indention. We insert in this area- he feels NO PAIN-[/quote]

Thanks for the tip/trick.  I switched from using my abdomen for a site to using my leg for the first time yesterday.  I used your "cross-the-legs trick and it was true:  no pain!  I think I'm going to use both legs and both sides of my abdomen from now on, on a constant rotation.  I think it'll be nice to give a break to each location in between its "turns"!  Thanks again!

I agree, you should not be having that much pain, I do not have any pain most of the time.  I have had it in weird spots and sometimes that is painful but not usually. 

I don't know what pump you are using, but with the MM it has 2 different cannula lengths, maybe yours is too long if you are lean. 

As for sleeping I clip mine to the back of my pants or just let it hang if I want.  I never ever sleep on my back, but I do sleep on my stomach and both sides so this works for me.  I don't ever wake up!   I have only pulled out a site one time, and that was completly my fault! (It had been on for 5 days and it was the dead of summer and not sticky anymore!)  They are stuck to us, and the chances of pulling them out are not very big. 

hope that helps! 

:) Im so glad it worked for you! It makes so much easier to care for your diabetes when you can do it with no or little pain. :) Congrats!

I have had this happen too. It is scary. here are three things to consider.

1)you look pretty skinny, so try a variety of inserts and try the different ones at different locations. I have ones that go in at 45 degrees for my arms and legs and 90 degree ones for my stomach and back.

2) Ice. If I am feeling particularly scared one day when I am putting I the pump I'll ice the spot when i am inserting. This will shrink the veins and dull sensation. Works great.

3) get Protective Barrier Wipes. Some pain can be caused by skin sensitivity to the adhesive on the inserts, the wipes will protect and sterilize the skin and keep some the pain away.

good luck!

im using the medtronic minimed..with the blue quick serter the quick set is 23 in ( 60 cm) nd the cannula is 6mm

I used to use the Quick-serter for the minimed, but I hated it because sometime it would hurt and wouldn't always work perfectly. Try the Silhuette- it always works and only hurts a little bit in the first few minutes. As for sleeping, I reccommend getting a longer tube. the 43 inch is a lot easier to sleep with- it's not so close to you, and doesn't hurt if it falls out of the bed. XD The Silhuette goes in sideways- once I accidently peirced a vein, but it didn't bleed very much at all. Also, you can ask for the longer cannula. (Pardon all my bad spelling)

But ya :] best of luck! the minimed is definately an amazing pump :]

What size cannula are you using? there is a 6mm and a 9mm maybe you need a smaller one? Also try going to meatier parts of your body like the top of your butt. You should consider calling MM and asking them for a different infusion set maybe the 90 degree angle is not good for you. You can possibly be hitting capillaries everytime which is causing the gushing blood coming out.

I just started using the omnipod pump two weeks ago! i've had diabetes for 28 years complications knock on wood!!! i like your suggestions thank you thank you! i am thin and bruise very easily.. the omnipod is an auto injection so i push the button on the device and grit my teeth togther trying to take deep breaths while i wait for the pod to inject the needle - retract the needle and leaves the canula in... this all happens in about 2 seconds but the wait for it to start is about 5 to 7 sec and it's an anxious 5 to 7 sec! i give a lil scream and its done!! ahhhhhh.... better than 4 injections a day!!! i'm going to try your ice idea .. other than that i will say i love the pod!! no tubing, no wires, no infusion sets! comfortable, water proof so far no major issues or malfunctions!! but with that said.. still hate diabetes.. still hate diabetes! :)