Painful Dexcom

I just got the Dexcom G4 last week and was really excited about using it. The insertion was painless so I was optimistic that it would not be a problem. I put in on my stomach, towards the side. It started to be a little painful that first night. It was pretty tender the following couple of days. I pump with the Omnipod and I rarely have pain after I put it on. Today is the 6th day that I was wearing it and I was fine until lunch and when I got back to my office it, all of a sudden, got very painful and I couldn’t sit. I had to go to the bathroom and take it off. Has this happened to anybody? Was it just in a bad spot? I loved the information it gave me and I don’t want to give up on it.

i am thinking bad spot and maybe a little deep with the insertion angle? the angle inserter can be affected by how you hold it. cheers, good luck!