Painful Monthly Periods

Do you know of any way to help with these ?

Oh yes, Painful periods are very common; my mother, my sister, and me. However we all decided to quit drinking milk, once we did the pain lessened dramatically. I actually just now called up my sister and asked her about her periods and and if they are less painful since she quit drinking milk. She thought about it for a few moments and then told me about how before she used to miss school and become dreadfully ill when she was on her period before, now she occasionally gets cramps at the beginning of her cycle but she is completely functional other wise. No pain no problem. And really I realized after I quit drinking milk- your period isn't supposed to be painful.

I used to be deathly afraid of my period before I quit drinking milk because it meant I would be shut down by the pain. Now my period is a walk in the park, I barely notice it except to change the tampon. =) Some times just a slight pressure in my legs or abdomen. Not crying pain.

I swear to you a lot of women would no longer have to take pain reliever if they just quit drinking milk.

=p I'm not vegan or anything- but try it- if it doesn't work- at least you tried something.

Now as to why cutting milk works is because, especially for diabetics, is because a lot of us are allergic to milk which causes inflammation   2nd- for everyone else- milk contains LOADS of estrogen. Check out the Harvard gazette for more info about the problem with milk in our diet.

It may not work for everyone, but again, give it a try, if it works, great- if not keep researching.

Cheers Ladies!

I almost never drink milk, but I still have extreme pain during my period. I get terrible cramps and headaches, to the point where I sometimes throw up. I eat almost nothing for the first 2-3 days because everything just makes me feel worse. After those first few days, the pain usually settles some, and I'm left with light cramps and a headache for the last few days. Regular pain meds don't help at all.

So I'm afraid that I don't have any advice as to what to do to stop the pain.

P.S. Also, make sure that she has had a pelvic exam and a well woman checkup. I got my 1st one at 16 (some say i was kinda late.) Lastly, exercise =) it takes care of lots of problems.

Yep. Cutting back on dairy was huge for me.  Yogurt was the biggest culprit in my case.  I was in so much pain that I was incapacitated, had to leave work and no amount of Aleve seemed to help. If you really like dairy, cutting it out the week before your period and during your period can be really helpful.  And yes exercise definitely helps decrease the flow and intensity.  Also, just in general pay attention to how much prepackaged and processed foods you are eating.  The cleaner my diet the less unpleasant that time of the month is.