Paint= Low?

When I was first diagnosed I read somewhere that the smell of paint can make you go low. I brought this up at one of my endos, and she quickly disregarded it, telling me it was a rumor. Well this weekend I painted my room and on Saturday, when I was painting all day, I had five lows in the 50s. Today I wasn't painting and my BGs were fine. Does anyone know anything about this? Is this normal or did I just have an off day that just happened to be while I was painting?

My thought would be that the physical exertion of painting is what caused your lows.  I've not heard of smells affecting blood sugar before.  As you mentioned, it could also be unrelated.

I agree that it's most likely do to the physical exertion.  I know when I paint a room, it's a lot of hard work - up and down on a ladder, bending over, moving your arms...getting exhausted just thinking about it!

I work in the paint department of a home improvement store. I smell paint all day and don't go low. But when I actively paint walls I can go low because painting is a lot of exercise.