Pajama options for child with pump

I know I am not a parent of a type 1 diabetic but he is being raised by his great grandparents so I help them take care of him. I have an 8 year old cousin who wears an insulin pump after being diagnosed at 15 months old. He wants pajamas that have cool things like the avengers, spiderman, cartoons he likes, etc. problem is none have pockets. We tried to get him to wear like a fanny pack like thing to hold his pump but he hates it and we can't let it not be in a pocket b/c he rolls all over the place in his sleep and has pulled his needle out. He loves camouflage so we bought him some athletic shorts in camo which he loves but he always has us looking in stores for "cool" pajamas. My family isn't  great at sewing or else we would make them for him. I emailed the disney store and they say they don't make them with pockets b/c their not a common need. Does anyone know a place where we can buy him some? I have looked in every store I go into at the pajamas praying to find some! Thanks!

Every pump has an extra clip you can buy that stays on the pump (see link below).  Then you can just clip the pump on the waistband of his pajamas.  

If he has a Medtronic, the case that comes with the pump has a terrible clip... breaks easily and doesn't last long.  But this clip works well.

His endocrinologist gave us a great clip to use but he complained he didn't like it (he said it felt like it was digging into his skin) and then we found the way he rolls around in his sleep it just didn't work. That is why we are desperate to find what he calls cool pajamas with pockets.

I know you say you aren’t great at sewing, but if you know how to operate a needle and thread you don’t need to make him entire pajamas. You could just cut a square of fabric in a coordinating color and and stitch it on.

Worse case scenario you could get the pajamas and fabric and mail them to me. I don’t sew but I can do that. :slight_smile:

Good Luck


They need to be pockets in the pants so do they make like drop in pockets where you can just tear out a portion of the seam and then sew in the pocket?

I've heard people use baby socks as a pocket and pin or sew it onto clothing.  Haven't tried it myself.

Someone gave me another idea. If we put a baby sock anywhere near his clothes he would fuss for days. He is a very opinionated boy and at 8 if it's babyish it's not going near him.

does it need to be a deep pocket? You could sew a sock into the side seam for a pocket. it doesnt have to be a baby sock.