Pajamas for child pump users

I have an 8 year old cousin who wears an insulin pump after being diagnosed at 15 months old. He wants pajamas that have cool things like the avengers, spiderman, cartoons he likes, etc. problem is none have pockets. We tried to get him to wear like a fanny pack like thing to hold his pump but he hates it and we can't let it not be in a pocket b/c he rolls all over the place in his sleep and has pulled his needle out. He loves camouflage so we bought him some athletic shorts in camo which he loves but he always has us looking in stores for "cool" pajamas. My family isn't  great at sewing or else we would make them for him. I emailed the disney store and they say they don't make them with pockets b/c their not a common need. Does anyone know a place where we can buy him some? I have looked in every store I go into at the pajamas praying to find some! Thanks!

This is what I did...

Go to Walmart or Target or a camping store. There's usually some kind of velcro with glue on one side. I Had a little fabric pouch that was made for my sunglasses, but it could be just about any small fabric bag (camera pouch, change purse, maybe Xmas candy bag that holds coal candy).

I put the velcro on the pants and then on the bag... pump goes in perfectly. A little lower on the thigh might be better so he doesn't roll on it with his hip.

I tried clips and this was exactly the problem. Clips generally put the pump right on my hip and I would roll over and it'd hurt, which woke he up.

I hope this helps!

Minimed sells pump clips on thier website for pumps! I use them!! I'm also incredibly good at breaking them, and they are durable!! I have no idea how much they cost.

I was always  a very restless sleeper and wore my pump, with a clip, attached to the neck of my pjs. Try this. Also, have you used the IV Prep to make the site more sticky when you put the set in? That worked well for me and I dropped my pump a couple of times and it was hanging from the attachment from my belly and didn't come out.

Best of luck.

Personally, I bought a fabric pouch/cell phone size thing and cut two slits in one side (back), threaded a long shoelace through the 2 slits and tied a knot at their end so that they are a circle. I wear it around my neck (it hangs long enough I don't accidentally choke myself with it), outside of my pajama shirt so that I have access to it if I need it.  It moves with me as I roll and move during the night without any problem; easy to move out from under me should I lay on it.  I have worn MY pump on these for over 15 years and wouldn't have it any other way.  When they get dirty, I wash them.  When they wear out, I get another pouch (I am sewing my own now because I can choose the fabric I want).  

I would be willing to sew pjs for him if you want to mail me personally.  My grandsons insist on Avenger, Spiderman, or Phineas & Ferb pjs, too so I understand completely. has great new sew pockets that could help.