Pancreas Funeral

I'm thinking of a having a funeral for my pancreas, or my beta cells, anyway. I am so sad to no longer have a working pancreas, and people around me just don't get that - they feel sorry for me, and they have started to understand the superficial carb counting, food stuff, but i feel like i'm grieving. When someone dies, you get together with people who loved that person and tell stories about them. It's just hard, cuz no one else had a close relationship with my pancreas, but I was rather attached.

I'm thinking organ music, a stuffed-pancreas effigy, a shoebox coffin, and an elegy about all the times I ate ice cream or brownies or cake or pasta or potatoes without thinking about it. It will be decidedly ridiculous. Any other good ideas?

Perhaps you should use an organ grinder (groan) for the music, especially if you can recruit a monkey, plush or otherwise.  Attendees could pour out a 40 for the fallen beta cells, or bolus a few units of insulin and let them hit the ground.  Seating and nametags could differentiate the guests by their affiliation with the rest of the body ("Hi I'm Stan, representing the circulatory system").  Lastly, let this reply show why you should not stay up all night doing a last minute take home exam.

haha. you both are killing me. nice, very nice.

your pancreas still works, otherwise you'd be dead. have a beta cell funeral. :o) i have no suggestions whatsoever for it, but i'd get a giggle out of it. you could also talk about the PMW (pancreas' most wanted) for a killer immune system. it's still on the loose.

If you are going to do a funeral you need to go all out. Do you plan on burying it? Ignore the organ grinder maybe some guitar. I can suggest some good music choices for a funeral. How Sweet it is to be Loved by you.... Sweet Caroline, Sweet Home Alabama, Sweet Child of Mine. WOOO!

You probably are grieving - and that is OK - it took me a while to recognize it and realize it was OK to be sad that my son's 'perfect health' was dead. So I love everyone's ideas, but I guess I would just caution that not to get so caught up in the fun or funny aspects that you lose the opportunity to actually be sad about your beta cells. ;)

Remember at a funeral for a person, no one thinks its ridiculous or wrong if someone bursts into tears after hearing one of those stories about the loved one. However, your friends might think it  a little (or a lot) wierd if you burst into tears reminscing about eating mashed potatoes. As you would probably be the only one crying. ;)

That said - I think anything that helps you move past your grief and on with life (realizing that it is OK to be sad once in a while for the rest of your life) is a great idea and like I said - all the ideas so far have made me laugh.

I can't say this for anyone else. But for me finding the humor in things is the only way I get by. While the grief or the funeral for ones pancreas might be seen as a joke gone wrong. I like to look at the brighter side of life. And if holding a funeral for ones own pancreas brings joy to the day. I am all for it.

This had me laughing pretty hard.  Thanks for that - I needed it, after today!

hahaha this is hilarious...if you meant for it to be comical.  Otherwise, you could just have a regular human-like funeral, except for your beta cells.  But I like the idea of giving a eulogy about being able to eat like a normal person before losing your pancreas powers. 

I am seriously laughing at this thread it is really funny.

Maybe we can have a group funeral for all of our pancreas' This way they would all be together in the after-life having fun without us.

very cool!  Just like on that movie when they had the funeral for that kids foot!  ha ha!  it's the proper way to say good-bye!  :o)

I don't know how some of you guys come up with this stuff but it's completely hilarious! I wish that I had friends like all you guys here in Maryland, I would never have a boring day.