Pancreas Transplant

I have Missouri Medicade and I was wondering if anyone knew if they paid for transplants or not. I’m thinking about getting one and last year they were $347,000. I can’t afford that at all.

@AAT1D Amanda, i get it I hate diabetes too.,

A pancreas transplant is a very very difficult procedure with many life threatening potential outcomes. A pancreas transplant means you will have to be on anti rejection medicine the rest of your life. This medicine, in my opinion, is worse than T1 diabetes. There isn’t (at least I hope there isn’t) a surgeon in the world who would do one for just money, because of the risks and potential bad outcomes.

keep in mind your immune system is programmed to attack beta cells. even if you got a genuine replacement of your very own pancreas, your immune system would attack it an you’d still be type 1.

There are people with failed kidneys that face severe or life ending outcomes without surgery. If this is your condition, then it is possible to get a kidney/pancreas transplant because you’ll have to be on anti-rejection medicine anyway. We have a member here that went through it. She’s not using insulin at last report.

to be 100% honest, i’ll keep my kidneys and my current pancreas, even if it means keeping T1. and there’s a saying to be aware of: “Be careful what you wish for”. cheers have a great weekend.


Thanks for the responce Joe @joe. I didn’t know that I would have to be on anti-rejection medication all my life. I also didn’t know that it was life threatening. Thanks a lot for the clarificaton. (Not being rude. I acually mean thanks.) Can I possibly have the name of the other member so I can message her? Thanks again Joe. Have a great wknd!! :slight_smile: :

Hi Amanda @AAT1D, I have to agree fully with what @Joe wrote…

And keep in mind, looking at current reports, that s pancreas like kidney transplants would not be a permanent solution. At your very tender age you could look forward to repeat transplants several times during your lifetime - that is, if there happens to be a “matching” pancreas available.

Right now I think that your best solution, at least until a real “cure” comes along, is to accept your diabetes and set a goal for yourself to live a long, full and active life with what you have available now and with the future medications and tools that are now, and will be developed. I see a good possibility of 80 more years of enjoyment for you.

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