Panicking Mom; Reckless Kiddo :(

Our family is 6 years into our daughter’s (now 9yo) TD1 journey. We’ve had our normal ‘bumps’ in the road but we just hit a MAJOR bump that feels like a mountain. Our girl has been caught multiple times giving herself extra insulin… basically entering a BG, fake carbs & hitting go. And… I’m panicking. We set positive goals, we’ve punished, we’ve talked, we’ve cried together… nothing is working. I’m beyond terrified of what could happen and at a loss not knowing why she’s doing this.
Has anyone else gone through anything similar? I just don’t know what to do next.

Please forgive me for asking but I’m wondering how you know she’s been dosing for fake carbs etc? Is it possible that she’s already looked up the counts or perhaps has a good memory for the carbs in her favorite foods? Or is this causing her to go low.
Just trying to get some clarification.

Hi @jzuber77 welcome to TypeOneNation and the forum. The operative here is “why”. Kids do stuff for some kind of reason. Is there a special “low” treat? Do you and your husband act differently (even subtle tiny differences) when she gets low? Sometimes a trusted friend or close relative can get to the answer faster than you. Anyway hope you are all ok. Please check in and tell us how this is going!