Paradigm Insulin Pump For Sale

Hello all,

I purchased a Paradigm Insulin Pump for my son a few years ago and after trying it once, he decided it wasn't for him. My heath insurance did not cover the cost at the time so we bought it outright from Minimed for $6000. Being on limited income, we have to recover some of the cost and would like to offer it here. 

The pump is in new condition and has been stored with all accessories in the original boxes; most have not been opened. I can supply pictures along with a list of items come with the Paradigm.  

Please contact me direct at



Did you try to sell it back to Medtronic? They do have 'used' ones they sell so maybe they would give you a good offer?


What are the details on the pump: model number, etc...

tony,  you can't sell an item that requires a prescription, in the US it could be illegal or maybe even insurance fraud.  please check with medtronic and if they can't help you a local hospital.