Paradigm Revel vs. Animas Ping

I'm currently shopping for a new pump and cannot decide between the two. Can anyone help me decide? I dont know anyone on either one and my doctor says she doesnt have a preference over either one. Any thoughts/suggestions would be great!

This is a loaded question. I mean we all have our own preferences and the like. But are you looking for feature wise? That is the main difference right now between the two. Both are great. The ping is water proof and offers slightly smaller basal rates. The revel is water resistant but also has the integrated cgm.

I know, I didnt really ask a specific question and I'm sorry. I've compared the two in great lengths. I really want the integrated system, but from what I've seen, I prefer the Animas. I like the Dexcom better than the Paradigm CGMS. But, I dont want to get the Ping and then end up waiting for years before the FDA approves their new integrated system. Costwise, Animas is cheaper, but thats because the Dexcom costs/supplies are not included in any of the prices. I guess I'm just seeing if someone can say that they completely dislike one or the other, or something completely different that makes one stand out above the other.

My daughter uses the Ping and Dexcom. We absolutely love both, but we don't have any experience with any other brands. Our favorite thing about the Ping is the remote meter. This enables her to test and bolus at her desk without having to test and then get her pump out. And for me, I can test and bolus her during the night without waking her digging out her pump.

I've been using minimed since 2002.  I was on the same one for about 8 years and only ever had issues with it while it was in warranty (which thankfully, is 4 years and they give you a completely new one when it does have issues).  I got my new paradigm 523 revel last year (I'd gone a couple years without good insurance) and I love it.  I also just got the CGMS, but have not been trained on it.  I seem to like the minimeds because of how streamlined everything is, it may be expensive, but your supplies come included with your initial order and the whole thing includes a training session with one of their reps, plus you get the carelink software which allows you to print the graphs and such to take to appointments with you to show your average bg's, how much insulin you're taking a day, your carb intake, and anything else you want to add into the online logbook.  They also have several online courses for you to take and it's all free along with your pump.  I've never had a complaint with my pump, even when I lost my job, minimed has a program where every 3 years, when you lose a job, they give you 6 months worth of free supplies.

I got my Animas Ping today. I chose it because the waterproof thing (I'm a total klutz) and I like the calorie king thing and the meter remote. Good luck1

I have had a Medtronic 722 for almost 4 years now and have not really had any issues.  We just started my son on a Ping and love its features.  The food saved in the meter, the waterproof features and the ability to bolus from the meter are awesome.  The Medtronic can hold more insulin depending on what your daily needs are.  I also like the ping's "self-contained" infusion set.  I hope to switch over soon to take advantage of those features.

I realize your initial post is somewhat old, but if you are still deciding, I hope this helps...

I have had an Animas Pump for 8 years and have had my Dexcom system on and off for about 6. I absolutely LOVE both of them. Animas has NEVER given me a problem, and their customer service is incredible and always available. Being waterproof is extremely helpful because I like to swim with my pump in, and being able to not worry about it is a tremendous relief.

I have had some issues with my Dexcom in the past (mainly with the first version of the product), but since then there has been nothing but improvements and it is getting close to flawless.

The new Animas Vibe (their integrated system) has been approved in Europe and is actually being sold there. I feel your pain with waiting for the FDA, but it is closer than we think!

I hope this helps! If you have any questions or need any help don't hesitate to ask!

My son is using a MiniMed 523 - since the beginning of August he's been on it.  It's been absolutely perfect and we've had no problems with it at all.  Medtronic has been terrific to work with on getting everything set up.  And we LOVE the fact that we can download the information wirelessly to the MiniMed website so the doc has access to it whenever necessary.  =)