who has heard of the band paramore? i looooooooove them!! if you havent heard of them then listen to some of their songs - you wont regret it! 

The first time I heard them...I didn't really like them. Then my cousin played me some stuff off their older cd and that I liked very much.

New cd comes out soon.  I really like Paramore.  They aren't something I would normally listen to but my ex turned me on to them and I really enjoy their stuff.

they're like my favorite band!! i cant wait until the new album comes out!

Paramore is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Love them. Especially Hailey and her firey red hair!

Ah! I love paramore! I like All we know is Falling CD...theres more screamo! ^___^

All We Know is Falling is a good one, that is probably the one I listen to the most

paramore's like the best band ever...... Hailey's so chill and funny she's an awsome person to hang out with I just love her to peices