Paranoid from a dream last night + too much sodium

I had a dream last night where a shady figure came and tampered with my vials of insulin and i woke up when the guy ran away....before he ran away i looked down at where i usually put my cannula and there were these giant bumps that looked like a giant mosquito stung me a ton of times.

I woke up this morning and i had to change my site and now im sitting here waiting for something bad to happen to me because of the dream last

ohhhh the mind of a writer 

I realized I didnt have enough potassium; plus i had too much sodium before i went to bed last night. Believe it or not, sodium causes nightmares and bad sleep.

after reading that again im thinking...gee greg what do these people care give them something to respond to lol

do u ever worry about people messing with your vials or throwing them out by accident?

I've never thought so much about that specifically as I have people messing with my insulin pump while I'm looking the other way, etc. I'm really protective with that sort of thing :) Sometimes I let family dose me, an apparentley fascinating passtime, but even then I'm hovering over their shoulder, reading them the blood sugar & carbs ten times, watching it deliver, and checking up on their work in the 'bolus history' screen.

Interesting about the salt, I did not know that. So I ate a fair amount of meat last night, which is fairly salty, correct? Does that explain why I dreamt I was a) feeding a banana to a rodent in the park, and, b) trying to escape from a boarding-school-ship to get back to my rowboat, in which I was turned into a crab? And about haunted houses? With bad acting? :) Not quite "nightmares" when I write them out - but they were slightly disturbing and without a doubt strange. Salt?

I didn't know you were a writer! (ever posted your stuff on the forums? I definately think you should) But I know exactly what you mean by "the mind of a writer." For me it's a jumble of thousands of story-lines scrambling for attention and space in my mind. Speaking of which I should grant a few of those ideas time with a pen today, but. They're all ideas, not stories :P At times I hate having such an imagination, like when I'm in the dark alone. And hear a strange noise. My mind never fails to freak me out and send my blood sugar sailing over the 2's, 3's, and possibly 400's. But then again it's sometimes nice to have little books in your head to entertain you during long drives or intense waves of boredom. But that sounds partially ridiculous, this entire post, and so I am stopping... here.

yes that contributed to your banana rodent dream lol

and if i posted stuff it would take up a ton of space...i mostly write films and television pilots. :)

my friend jared always jokes about replacing my insulin with methadone. i know he's joking though.

my co-worker has jokingly said one day he'll switch my insulin with heroine too.


haha i don't worry though, they aren't being serious in the slightest. plus i always have my insulin with me...well except for the stuff in my fridge, but neither of them have access to that :P

Sweeeet! Professionally? Are there films and television pilots we can google??? (yet, still, post post post em! We'd love to read them - and to have the opportunity to say We knew him when... because you'll be all famous, and. Stuff. :) )

you might be able to find just one, but i doubt it..."Double Minus One" it's copyrighted but I didn't submit it anywhere, I was gonna film it myself and start tomorrow I can if i want to! My camera is arriving in the mail!

:( :( Wading through pages of Google I haven't found anything. Yet. But I still think that's super cool, especially filming it yourself!! What's it about??

Post it when you're done? Or somewhere we can click on the link, pop popcorn, and sit in awe of the movie man?

So here's a dream superstition that I will now share with you...if you have a bad dream, do not talk about it until the sun rises the next day. If you talk about the bad dream before the sun rises, it will come true.

I always make mosquitoes very, very happy. They just adore me. That dream did sound disturbing. I wonder if the guy who runs away symbolizes something.

I don't have concerns any more about someone tampering with my insulin as much as I did when this horrendous person lived with us for a while (she had no concept of boundaries or respect...for herself or anyone else). I can't even throw away empty vials of insulin. I find them back on the table...I can be a little scatterbrained, so I will misplace insulin. Now he looks in the garbage can and pulls out all the bottles he sees. Even the empty ones...

I can't think of any dreams I've had lately, but I did have a series of snake dreams for a few weeks that really shook me up. The last one in the snake series was a hydra streaked with orange. Orange is supposedly a sacred color, but snakes also theoretically symbolize evil. I wasn't too happy about that.

My significant other has a lot of old folklore about dreams that his grandmother taught him. Some of them are pretty interesting.Thanks for the interesting post.


Greg, That's so cool you're a writer! Any T1 characters (realistic ones for once!) showing up in the movies soon thanks to you?

Sarah, that would be so cool!! Just saying :)

[quote user="Greg Borkman"]

...a shady figure came and tampered with my vials of insulin and i woke up when the guy ran away....before he ran away i looked down at where i usually put my cannula and there were these giant bumps that looked like a giant mosquito stung me a ton of times.

I woke up this morning and i had to change my site....


Dreams fascinate me, and although I am not a psychoanalyst, I can't resist taking a stab at the meaning.  You really have to know a lot more about "the dreamer," what's going on at the present time in the dreamer's life, the dreamer's childhood and past, etc. to venture a guess at the true meaning of the symbols and emotions presented in a dream.  That being said, here goes anyway.

In the dream, YOU (the person who is having the dream) is NOT the same conscious, "egoic" you when you are awake.  The YOU in the dream is the subconscious you -- your "inner child."  What your subconscious "inner child" means by "MY vials of insulin" is your physical body specifically as represented by your pancreas and its function.  Your inner child does not understand Type 1 Diabetes the way your conscious mind does.  The child only knows that some "shady" unknown, mysterious figure is messing with his physical body.  As Crochet Nut asked... WHO is this shady figure?  Well, all we know is that the "guy ran away" when you woke up, and for that to be true, "the shady figure" also exists within YOUR mind.  The shady figure IS the conscious YOU.. the "egoic" you who is the Greg Borkman we all know... including you.

What does this all mean?  It means that your "inner child" subconscious you is holding your "egoic" conscious you responsible for tampering with your physical body, specifically by way of Type 1 Diabetes.  Now introduce the mosquito image which symbolizes something which is "sucking" or "draining" the life out of your body.  (Afterall, that's what mosquitos do... especially a giant one stinging you "tons" of time.)  Wow, your "inner child" is very angry and resentful about this whole Type 1 Diabetes thing!  Don't worry, Greg, you're not alone with these emotions.  This is a common psycological dynamic in most Type 1 Diabetics, especially ones who were diagnosed as young children.

What issue does the dream address?  It's the issue of us blaming ourselves for our Type 1.  Like most psychological issues, being aware of it is the first step in freeing yourself from its influence and pain.

thanks for the analysis, freud. ;o)

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My dad often gets very flustered when he's changing his site or refilling his cartridge and there are so many viles in our butter compartment that he often knocks my stuff onto the floor. I've had many dreams where he knocks them all over and they break and I'm left without insulin. Very tragic.